Why do you Need Surveillance Cameras in your Washington State Business?

Posted by Jacob john on May 20th, 2017

If you are looking for business growth, then you have to keep an eye on many things. Taking advantage of advances made in Security Camera Technology, to assist you and your management, can be crucial in a modern business environment. The reason why you should invest in the best, Commercial Surveillance Cameras Washington available? Always keep a 24/7 watch on assets, inventory, or making sure employees are following proper procedure. Security Cameras allow you to easily manage multiple locations, or get an overall view of operations, sometimes eliminating the need to travel. Having surveillance cameras at your fingertips at a moment’s notice, on your phone, or on your computer, can be one of the most important investments in your business.
Being proactive is better than reactive
Most people believe and agree that prevention is better, so you will have to believe in this in the real sense. When you want to reduce the chances of theft or issues in the office, then you should consider professional Washington Security Camera Installation solutions.
With real-time camera monitoring, there will be quick reaction and enhancement in productivity in your company without you changing any procedures or policies.  Often after security cameras are installed, you will see a reduction in disputes and an increase in productivity.  When you are out of the office, you can check and make sure certain procedures in your company where completed, if you own a restaurant you can instantly view and monitor what days of the weeks and times your staff is busy. Saving you thousands in overtime or increasing revenue by adding staff on busy days.  
When good employees know that they are being monitored they will continue to work well and this will be a good thing for them, because their efforts will be recognized. Employees who are not performing well or quite low in motivation will change their attitude towards work normally after an installation and finally this will be best for everyone concerned.  
Help law Enforcement with outdoor security cameras
There’s been a rave for Outdoor Security Cameras Washington State. This is because, if you do not know what’s happening at your company, then you will most likely really face a dilemma someday.  From either false L & I injury claims or false insurance claims to vandalism.  The most common thing we hear from Law Informant is “Wow these cameras have the best picture out of all the cameras we see, the Big Box Store Cameras... You can’t see anything!” From Tri-Cities, Yakima to Belleview.  Even in 2017, Business continue to install the “Big Box Store” style camera kits thinking that they are getting a deal because they say the word HD and the price seems discounted.  It’s true till this day “You get what you pay for” Most business owners after a few days of use start to realize their mistake, often times getting a whole new professional system, only after having cameras installed for a couple weeks.  Usually that decision is made when they see the night time image and a “blob” that looks like the black and white version of Mario from Nintendo, proceeds to either steal or do vandalism, or they have a friend that has REAL HD 4K Livix cameras that can see in color at night with available audio that can hear a quarter drop 100 feet away in a warehouse. At that moment is when they contact us.

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