Chainsaw Cairns Tips & Tricks

Posted by EvolveDesign on May 20th, 2017

Motosapien Mowers & Motorcycles Cairns has everything you need when it comes to chainsaw Cairns, with expert advice and great deals.  They also offer DIY advice on their website
Whether you're a professional forester or homeowner with a piece of land, a chainsaw cairnswill provide you with power, performance and design to meet your needs, whatever they are.
Why choose a Husqvarna chainsaw Cairns?

Less impact on the environment because of the unique X-Torq engine

Easy to start due to its Smart Start feature

Safe & sturdy operation, yet flexible as well

Auto tune feature which gives optimum engine performance and it compensates for different fuels, clogged air filters, temperature, altitude, and humidity

Power, performance & design to meet whatever your gardening needs may be.

How to Start a Chainsaw Cairns

Before starting your chainsaw, make sure you have your safety gear on and have read the owner's manual.  The manual will inform you of any specific safety and operating features.

If you're starting a cold engine:

Activate the chain brake.

If there is a decompression control, press it.

Activate the choke. If the saw is equipped with Air Purge/fuel pump, press the bulb a few times until the fuel is visible inside it and thereby enters the carburettor.

Starting on the ground: Put your right foot in the rear handle and keep a firm grip on the front handle with your left hand. Starting with the saw between your legs: Place the rear handle between your thighs and behind your right knee. Hold the front handle firmly with your left hand.

Pull the starter handle with your right hand. Repeat until engine fires.

Push choke to half-throttle and pull until saw starts.

Accelerate so engine idles, then release chain brake.

If you're starting a hot engine:

It’ll start without the choke.

Follow the directions above. (Disregard choke instructions)

Apply half-throttle if the engine is difficult to start.

How to Use Your Chainsaw Cairns

General rules - Maintain good footing, watch for tripping hazards, and keep a good balance by not over extending yourself.

How to make a cut:

Keep your left hand firmly around the front handle, including the thumb

Grab the rear handle with your right hand

Get in position and keep your legs apart for stability

Pull back the chain brake to disengage it

Squeeze throttle

When cutting:

The optimal position is to have your left foot in front and knees bent

Hold the chainsaw Cairns close to your body

Cut at waist level

Safety tips to avoid dangerous kickback:

Cut away from the bar tip,

Avoid cutting too close to the ground, and

Try to cut from the side of the saw

There are two ways to cut:

Cutting with a pulling chainwhere youcut downward with the bottom of the bar, OR

Cutting with a pushing chainwhere you cut upward with the top of the bar

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