Come to know the application of ladle castable on wanhaorefractory.

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Hello, i am willing to tell you more about Ladle Magnesia Carbon Brick. Changxing Refractory’s magnesia carbon brick is made for different kinds ladle. According to different departments, such as slag line, free board, and furnace hearth, and we offer different kind magnesia carbon brick. Changxing magnesia-carbon brick is made from more than 98% electrically fused magnesite, high purity graphite and metallic antioxidants as needed. Changxing Refractory will design you a well-balanced lining, providing optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick is formulated for ladle linings and is manufactured with very high purity electro fused Magnesia, high purity Graphite, Alumina and Antioxidants.

High purity Alumina and Magnesia thermal shock properties. It has the performance between ladle magnesia carbon bricks and alumina magnesia carbon brick

They are used in Ladle linings, ladle upper and lower slag line, ladle wall and ladle bottom.

Company name: Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Materials Co.,Ltd

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Ladle Magnesia Carbon Brick

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