4 Things That Every Business Graduate Should Know about Branding

Posted by marry jose on May 22nd, 2017

It is believed in the business world that if you wish to be an entrepreneur, MBA is a must as it teaches you the fundamentals of running an organization, and accustoms a student with various tips and tricks to avoid mistakes and how to build a successful brand.  However, while the stress of coping up with the challenges and competition is too much, there are some important lessons that every business students must know about branding which he might not learn during graduation:

  1. Being an Einstein is not enough: Being smart is not enough to run a business. You need to be a leader. Leadership isn’t a necessity until you are working individually, however, if you are looking to expand and build your brand, you ought to have skills more than just intelligence and a degree - leadership and management. Poornima University, one of the Top MBA college in Jaipur, offers hands-on experience to students for holistic development.
  2. Focus on Creating a fan base, not just a company: Take Apple for example. They have created a loyal fan base for their brand and not just a particular product. Brainstorm on ways to build a killer brand, not the killer product.
  3. Kill any brand confusions by re-branding: If the brand name and product name are not in sync, it can cause multiple confusions resulting in no or minimum customer engagement. If you think your brand name doesn’t go well with your offer products/services, don’t be afraid to re-brand/re-market. One of the best , Poornima University, offers entrepreneurial workshops to understand operations, functioning, marketing and other aspects of business.
  4. Mind your audience: Most of the new entrepreneurs start a brand keeping in mind, his friends, family and close ones. In a way, he takes them as his potential audience. However, you need to run a ground research on who actually is your potential audience. When you Release your product, carefully observe your audience.

While you get your MBA, don’t forget what works the best is creativity, out-of-the-box ideas and above all, the willingness to take risks—lots of them.

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