5 ways to look fabulous after 50

Posted by reedcooper on May 22nd, 2017

If the mythical fountain of youth really existed, it is a good bet to ride a bicycle, swim, walk, sail or stretch to reach it. \\\"There is a huge amount of research that shows that the best thing you can do to stay healthy and vibrant is to exercise,\\\" says Patricia Cohen, author of \\\"In Our Prime: The Invention of Middle Age.\\\" \\\"Science shows that to whatever degree you can add movement to your life, you will benefit significantly.\\\"

That\\\'s something these five vivacious and successful women have discovered firsthand. Some of them are recently practicing their favorite pastimes, while others have been working or playing sports for decades. But all have found that physical activity (and eating well) not only keeps them beautiful but, more importantly, makes them feel happy, energetic and in love with life. Let them inspire you to get moving.

Colleen Saidman

The owner, Yoga Shanti Studio, Sag Harbor, New York. Age: 53

Saidman may have been a former model, but as she indicates, that\\\'s no guarantee of aging gracefully. For the last 25 years, he has practiced yoga and meditation daily and gives credit to both for maintaining his appearance and feeling young. Her sessions can last a few minutes or a few hours, but her consistency is almost perfect, whether she\\\'s in her yoga studio in the Hamptons or on the plane before she lands for landing. \\\"Being consistent in your practice helps your body remember to keep changing. Otherwise, your mental and physical patterns become deeply ingrained,\\\" says Saidman, who is married to famous yoga teacher Rodney Yee.

Describing herself as an athlete who used to play all sports from basketball to boxing, she found that yoga helped her heal after having surgery for a ruptured disc in 1994. With sports, I used to be very competitive: I felt like I had to win every race or match, \\\"he said. \\\"I discovered a real sense of relief that yoga is not competitive. I could observe someone without feeling like I had to do that. My body is healthier and my mind is too.\\\"

What else she likes: aromatherapy, playing basketball, making playlists.

His favorite fuel: peanut butter and chocolate.

Words of wisdom: \\\"For many of us, as we age, things get more difficult, both mentally and physically. Yoga helps keep your body and mind in an open and fluid way, so you do not get stuck or Decompose \\\".

Mira Singh

Co-Founder, Natural Strength CrossFit British Columbia; Kamloops, BC Age: 51

Like many women, Singh raises weights to stay in shape. But unlike most, he is able to lift 155 pounds (69.75 kg) over his head. It is part of their training for teaching (and taking) classes of CrossFit, the high-intensity training that combines strength, endurance, speed, endurance and agility. Singh finished eighth in the world in his age group at the CrossFit Games World Championships in Los Angeles in 2012, where competitors clashed at events including rope climbing, push-ups, and Olympic weightlifting.

\\\"I did gymnastics when I was younger and taught aerobics for a few years, but now I\\\'m stronger than ever,\\\" says Singh, who admits that his \\\"overactive personality\\\" is ideal for combining the exercises that make up his workout. \\\"Working on many different levels\\\" (not falling into the same routine all the time) \\\"makes you better at everything, so you can feel prepared and safe for any situation that may arise in your life.\\\"

What else he likes: reading and hiking.

Your favorite fuel: black chocolate-covered almonds, natural yogurt with protein powder and mixed berries.

Words of Wisdom: \\\"Be patient with yourself. You can rebuild your body, but it takes a little time, so just stick to it.\\\"

Sharon Simmons

Fitness competitor, author of Triple F: Fifty, Fit and Fabulous, Dallas. Age: 56

You will find many attractive and well-toned women trying to be part of the Dallas Cowboys\\\' famous cheerleaders. But not many beyond its 20 years and much less well into the 50 years. Simmons, who auditioned last May at age 55, gained attention for her energy and enthusiasm, but also for her incredible physique, which she attributes to a five-day-a-week combination of camp, yoga, and training classes Of resistance, in addition to a weekly dance training. (She also competes in local and national fitness competitions).

This grandmother, yes, grandmother of two children, says that being with the \\\"young generation\\\" encourages her playful spirit and youthful appearance, even though experience has taught her to take care of herself and to remain injury free.

\\\"I am much more respectful of my body now,\\\" he says. \\\"I did not eat as well when I was young, I did not get enough rest. As I grew older, I started researching ways to stay healthy and fit.\\\" Most important, he says, was that staying physically strong also gave him his emotional strength. \\\"Exercise helps me to be healthy, but it also keeps me very confident.\\\"

What else she likes: going to the movies and working in her yard. \\\"Both provide an escape from the daily routine.\\\"

Your favorite fuel: oatmeal with blueberries, tuna or salmon and sweet potatoes

Words of Wisdom: \\\"Everybody has to start somewhere, even if it\\\'s just walking half a block every day, and never let anyone else set your limits!\\\"

Peggy Hall

Consultant of management of weight and the lifestyle, creator of the DVDs \\\"Yoga for Surfers\\\"; Aliso Viejo, California. Age: 53

Hall may have grown up on the beaches of southern California, but she never felt safe enough to catch a wave until she reached her 30th birthday. \\\"I signed up for classes during a Hawaii vacation, and I loved it!\\\" A blind date with her future husband, an avid surfer, convinced her that she was a \\\"couple made in the ocean\\\", and she was hooked. Today, Hall conducts retreats for women 30 years or older who want to try learning to surf. \\\"Surfing has great physical benefits (endurance, balance) but I do not do it for exercise. It\\\'s a set of tools for life,\\\" he explains. \\\"It helps you get out of your day-to-day life, slows down time and marks a little pure joy.\\\"

What else she likes: going for a walk with her husband, four cats, and a dog.

Your favorite fuel: green shakes made with mango, coconut water, and kale.

Words of Wisdom: \\\"Amazing things happen when you enjoy what you do. If you find a type of exercise you love, you will find peace of mind along with a smaller size of the pants.\\\"

Elisabeth Halfpapp

Co-creator of Core Fusion, she is part of the founding team of Exhale Spas, New York City. Age: 54

If she gets away with it, Halfpapp will continue teaching gymnastics at age 90, not unlike another former professional dancer, Lotte Berk, who created a series of exercises known as the Lotte Berk method, which became The prototype of classes sweeps so popular today. Halfpapp (along with her 29-year-old husband and business partner, Fred DeVito) has taught the method for more than two decades, and based their own successful class of Exhale, Core Fusion, on the centered alignment routine.

\\\"Core Fusion principles, which include work on posture, balance, flexibility and core strength, are fundamental to feeling strong and healthy,\\\" he explains. Halfpapp says that his own ballet program, yoga and Core Fusion classes held five days a week, help maintains his mental, physical and spiritual balance. But what really makes you happy is to help others change their bodies as well. \\\"I see it as giving the gift of good health,\\\" he says. \\\"Fitness can make a big difference in every woman\\\'s life.\\\"

What else do you like: standing paddle, walking, snorkeling.

Your favorite fuel: Irish oatmeal with lots of cinnamon, Blue Russian Kale, and other green leafy vegetables; Freshly prepared Indian ice tea.

Words of wisdom: \\\"Always try to do something that scares you a little. If you never challenge yourself, you\\\'re never going to change, no matter how old you are..

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