First Impressions and Character Creation Hunter X Online

Posted by ziggy ggy on May 23rd, 2017

Note: What you are gna read below are ONLY my personal views and opinions about the game, and you should take no offense from them. If you are a die-hard x hunter online game fan who will get hurt seeing bad comments about Hunter X Online related games, please move your cursor over to the top-right hand corner of your screen and click once. Proceed with caution!

The first thing I look out for in a game would be the graphics. The loading screen and character creation boasts some nice graphical detail that I was pretty happy with. It might lean more towards the cartoony side of things though (especially the character model) but it's fine. It surprised me that the in-game graphics were pretty high-quality too even at low graphics settings. Sound was fine, maybe cos I had no prior experience with MH games and this should be the moment where veteran MH players jump and scream "I MISS THAT SOUNDTRACK!" or stuff like that.

The video above shows probably all of the available character creation options currently. It's not as detailed as many of the MMORPGs now like Revelation and Blade and Soul, but you can still create your handsome gentlemen or burly giant and stuff. Personally, this wasn't enough for me (I have really high expectations for character customization, especially in the looks department :3 and with this system, I constantly end up with the same face that I deem acceptable, so it's pretty linear I feel).

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Combat, Controls and In-game Interface

As an old DN and Unigame player, ducking with spacebar was really awkward. Being able to sprint in towns and in combat areas was nice, and movement felt pretty smooth. I felt rather left out though, since the game did not really explain most of the interface. For instance, what are the bars below the HP bar? As a player new to MH, there really were many crucial aspects and mechanisms of the game not explained.

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