5 Useful Tips to Follow While Test Driving a New Car

Posted by Motor Uncle on May 23rd, 2017

When you head to the market to buy a brand new car, it is quintessential that you do not hit the road unprepared. While you may be right at most of the terms, keeping few useful pointers into consideration doesn’t hurts! So, if you are an aspiring car buyer trying your best to make a successful deal, its high time you take the tips jotted down below quiet seriously!

5 important tips you should follow while test driving a new car:

Move into the crowd

Most of the times you would find yourself being coaxed into driving on a smooth clean driveway by the car dealers to make a hasty purchase! Don’t ever fall into this trap and demand taking your vehicle on the busy roads since this will provide you with a real-time experience of driving your car.

Introduce variety

Don’t just stick yourself to a couple of car models. Try test driving car models back to back so as to get an idea about the compatibility of multiple car makes. Make sure not to keep a longer gap between the testing intervals since it will help you to make a judicious choice in a very short span of time.

Don’t compromise with comfort

Your car is not just a metal box to take you from one place to other, it is a personal haven which should offer you relaxation during busy traffic and long journeys. So, ensure that the new car you have decided to buy is comfy enough for both you and your family. Check for cushioning, the ease of going in and out of the vehicle etc. so that you would not have to compromise with your comfort later!

Spaces, please!

There is no use of buying a car for its namesake if it is not roomy enough to accommodate your family and belongings. So, don’t hesitate to let your family accompany you on the test drive and you can even try storing a pram or duffle bag in the trunk of the car to check for the space.

Explore further

In case you have made up your mind regarding buying a particular car model, don’t just leave it to that! Go on a mile further to test drive new car for at least 30 minutes so as to be assured of its performance and productivity.

Keep the above mentioned tips handy while test driving your new car to grab the best deal. Car test drive booking and car comparison in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and numerous other metropolitan cities of India can be easily done online.


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