Shipping Association: Benefits and points to note before choosing!

Posted by ussaglobal on May 23rd, 2017

Imagine a scenario, where, Trader A has to ship off his goods to a particular destination. In case there is just a single shipment, there are chances that price rates quoted will be high. However, if Trader B and Trader C pool in their goods, the total volume of shipment will increase. So, the chances are high that you can negotiate discounts. But who would do that? Well, that is exactly the role of a shipping association.

If you are a member of any such association, rest assured you can gain a high amount of discount when such transaction opportunities come to the forefront. Since these organizations do not manage any other logistics issues, therefore concentrating on this domain of rate negotiation are done with precision and as per market demands.

How do these shipping associations provide an edge?

The contractual management technology is bringing about a huge change in the manner of ocean freight shipping, helping in streamlining of this process. Thereby, they have reduced costs associated with this format comparatively and the system is becoming reliable.

Here are those specific benefits that come with this process.

  • Online access:

The biggest positive of a shipping association is the presence of mobile apps and online platforms so that the concerned party is aware of the location of their goods. This tracking enhances administrative tasks thereby improving business.

  • Detailed information:

The best part of being a part of these shipping associations is that they provide detailed information regarding delivery timing, delays, downtimes and other factual data. Hence, keeping a tab on proceedings of freight is within virtual knowledge.

  • Correct price rates quoted:

Rather than being isolated, these shipping associations provide correct price rates as per market demands. Thus, it saves your cash that you can use for future transactions. Also, chances of your paying more than correct range are nil.

Thus, this framework provides an organized platform to ensure that the freight transfer takes place without a glitch. Also, costs are well controlled, and rate of change is minimal, as per market rates.

But then have you faced a loss by making use of an ocean freight platform? Maybe, you made a mistake regarding choosing of shipping association. Here are some pointers to give you an idea of the factors to check before choosing an association.

Points to note for choosing an ideal shipping association:

  • Rates of shipping:

Going by the current market rates, ocean freight charges are within the range of 00-00. So, you have to make sure that approximate range is within this and you get a certain amount of discount for using their freight service.

  • Clients they serve:

This is another important point that has to be noted. Those shippers association who have reputed clients as their members will ensure that their service is top-notch. Naturally, when they serve you, quality will get the highest priority.

  • Market reputation:

Before you choose out a company, you have to check out their reputation in the market. Customer feedbacks and general reviews are ways of doing so.

With these pointers, it is assured that you will make the correct choice of shippers association when it comes to various ocean freight companies.

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