Classical Looking Self Powered Wireless Golf Clock Is Ideal for the Green

Posted by Chomko LA on May 23rd, 2017

Golf course need golf clocks to start and end games as per schedule and convey accurate timings to both the players and the organizers so tournaments are conducted successfully. The clocks are also required to show accurate time to spectators so they are in sync with the progress of play. Finally golf clocks are great ornamental decoration to the breathtaking location of the green and the various landscapes that make up the complete 18-holes. An ornamental golf clock of Edwardian style is certainly a beautifying element to the fantastic view of the golf course and importantly increases the esteem of the course and impresses more clientele for the future.

Golf clocks are mounted on pillars, poles and pedestals at vantage points of the 18-holes and sidewalks, arches and other prominent places to have a great timing. A golf clock with a dia of 24” can show time prominently to the farthest point. Golf clocks are given the most modern technology such as digital and are accompanied by digital display of time and messages. It is convenient for the organizers to get messages and information through with the help of the digital display boards and the solar paneled golf clocks are added advantage because they give self-dependency in terms of power to the clocks.

The clocks are integrated with the most advanced time tracking systems such as GPS which derives it timings from satellites and the clocks synchronize themselves without manual assistance making it convenient for the organizers. The wireless golf clock is a great asset as you don’t need to supply it with extra power or provide a power outlet as they are solar powered and can take care of self by power generated from the sun. These clocks give a chic and modern look to the greens and importantly raise the status in the eyes of the people concerned.


This article is about golf clock which is a necessity in the golf course and also the independent design solar powered and wireless clocks that can self-generate power and update time automatically.

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