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Your Perfect Guide To Buy Motorcycle One Piece Base Layer Undersuit, Two Piece A

Posted by jameswillam0 on May 23rd, 2017

If you are a pro-rider, who loves riding irrespective of the weather conditions, then you would be familiar with the importance of wearing the right under suit. While it makes sense for a normal rider to wear base layer in winters to stay warm, wearing just a t-shirt under the leather jacket is not a good idea in summers. You will end up sweating profusely, and the body will get dehydrated leading to cramps and blurred vision in the sweltering heat.

To avoid unnecessary discomfort during the ride, one of the most simple things to do is to wear the right base layer. A high-quality motorcycle summer base layer will help to keep your body cool and comfortable during the summer season. Here are a few things you must keep in mind to buy the right quality of motorcycle base suit.


While looking for a motorcycle one piece base layer undersuit, it is important to find out the material of its fabric. Our recommendation is the blend of polyester-spandex; the ratio should be 80-90% polyester and 10-20% spandex. Polyester helps in keeping the sweat levels low and spandex ensures much flexibility.

It is extremely smooth from outside and comfortable from inside. And being highly stretchable, it fits on any body type and size and provides a great, comfortable fit.


The right fit is extremely important. If the suit is loose, it will allow passage for external hot or cold air and will completely fail the purpose of keeping the body secure. And if it is too tight, you will feel uncomfortable throughout the ride. You will face problem in moving your arms and legs and it will also affect blood circulation of the body, which is not good for a rider.

Hence, make sure the suit hugs your body perfectly and is also not too tight.

Bikers feel the thrill of riding on dusty roads, bad terrains and in adverse climates. In such adverse conditions, it is appropriate to wear a dark color base suit; especially when it is motorcycle two piece base layer undersuit as the lowers will surely get dirty if you are riding on hills, crossing ditches and rolling in the mud.

And you love light colors, you should keep them reserve for rides on highways where the conditions are not too harsh.

With these points in mind, you can make the right selection.


Author’s Bio: Author is an avid reader and blogger. This article is about motorcycle base layer suit.


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