Orthodontics in Caulfield: Choosing the Right Practitioner

Posted by insightdental on May 23rd, 2017

Not being endowed with a perfect row of sparkling even teeth can affect not just the appearance but the routine as well. Orthodontics deal with difficulties in chewing and pain arising out of irregular teeth, that hamper activities that everyone takes for granted. Crooked teeth stand the risk of falling into decay fast, primarily due to the inability of individual to clean the teeth properly. Getting it fixed, calls for choosing the right orthodontics. Outlined below are the reasons for choosing the right practitioner.

The right diagnostic tools

Orthodontics calls for use of the right diagnostic tools to determine the exact problem. Dentist centres that are equipped with the entire range of advanced diagnostic tools are better suited to conduct a perfect diagnosis. This will then determine the efficacy of the treatment and the actual treatment recommended. The ideal centre should be one that has in-house facilities for x-rays, intra-oral photographs, two dimensional radiographs etc.

Expertise to fix appliances towards correction

The orthodontics should possess the expertise to fix appliances for correction. For instance, braces, special fixed appliances and space maintainers may require to be fixed depending on the nature of the problem. The orthodontics should have the expertise to do so professionally, which can be indicated by the number of years of practice or the number of procedures. The arch wires on braces need to be tightened at the right intervals to steadily get the teeth aligned.

Experience in use of removable appliances towards correction

A whole range of removable appliances are in use in orthodontics to bring about correction. An experienced orthodontics should be able to decide on the best appliance depending on the nature of the problem. The appliances are customised, catering to the specific needs of the patient. The orthodontics, therefore should possess adequate experience to get the right fit for the appliances to ensure proper correction.

Use of latest methods for correction

Sweeping changes in the way orthodontics corrects irregular teeth have resulted in invisible braces and aligners etc. The orthodontics should offer patients the very latest in treatment techniques that are effective. This will be an indication of the expertise, and the updated treatment options offered. Cutting edge research in orthodontics have resulted in the use of materials that improve the appearance while correcting the problem faced by the patients.

Improving overall appearance post-surgery

Regardless of the nature of the problem, patients would experience some form of appearance affecting problems. Overbite, underbite, cross bite, open bite, misplaced midline, spacing, crowding inevitably result in a major or minor impact on overall appearance. Using the services of a good orthodontics will ensure that the patient will also undergo a transformation in appearance. Post-surgery, the appearance of the patient would be a lot more pleasing, giving confidence to the patient in socializing. There can be nothing more difficult that having to cover or camouflage an appearance issue while socialising or at work. And an experienced orthodontics would be the best person to restore that confidence through the right procedure.

About the Author:

Dr. Deon Zylberman is an Australian trained dentist who currently works out of his practice, Insight Dental on 395 Hawthorn Road, South Caulfield. Dr. Zylberman graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Dentistry. Always keen to further his studies and keep up to date with the latest in Dentistry, Dr. Zylberman has completed further overseas training in implants and orthodontics. One of his strong beliefs is that modern dentistry should be practiced with minimal discomfort and in a pleasant environment. His modern practice incorporates picturesque ceiling murals as well as video glasses and relaxing music to ensure that patients are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. For the more anxious patients, Dr. Zylberman offers sleep dentistry to allow them to drift off to sleep and wake up gently having had all the dental treatment they require.

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