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Posted by zicojiayuan on May 23rd, 2017


It’s made of tin. QINGYUAN MAX TIN CANS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (MAX TIN CANS) is expert in production of storage tins, metal storage tins and metal containers, in our catalogue; we also called them storage tins.

Storage tins are widely use in the packaging of food tins and other high-end gifts. Tin cans in the production often require some strict processing procedures can be made, we often see some of the body structure of iron cans, such as the cans part of the curling, curling role is to avoid the use of tin in the process of people To prevent scratches the design, as well as the bottom of the tank, cans and so on need to be processed into, and made of various shapes and styles of tin products, the most can be published or cannot processing equipment.

At present, tin cans processing equipment are: stamping machine, cutting machine and packaging oven equipment, and stamping machine working principle is the use of press and mold with the external force imposed on the tinplate, tinplate distortion deformation into Ideal shape and size of a processing method, and stamping blanks are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel and strip. The cutting machine is to cut the printed tinplate material to meet the specifications, Press the material separated, is a punch to obtain a certain shape of the work piece or blank stamping method.




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