Teeth Whitening In Korea-what are the benefits

Posted by thestardental on May 24th, 2017

Instead of going for DIY whitening processes, professional teeth whitening in Korea gives you a much better and effective results. Everyone would like to have the perfect smile. In spite of having good teeth you may fail to get the results you want because of their yellow sheen. Drugstore whitening strips and toothpastes are the most popular ways to whiten the teeth but as the experts are going to tell you, there is nothing like professional treatment. OTC products do not give you the following benefits.

1. Thorough whitening results: the strength and size associated with the drugstore whitening products are for every teeth type. For dental work, each patient has separate needs. Whitening strips and trays at local drugstore may not be ideal for your teeth type. As such, you will not get good results. Others will get only partial whitening results. Uneven results are most common where some teeth will appear perfectly white and others show stains. When you go to the dentist chamber they will apply whitening gel on each tooth evenly. Now they will activate the gel using curing lamp specially designed for the same. This way, your smile will retain even brightness levels.

2. Quick treatment: whitening products purchased at the local pharmacy assist you in attaining bright teeth. However, the person will have to apply it for weeks, even months. Only after that you will be able to get noticeable results. What is more, some results simply will not give you what you desire. The dentists will use professional whitening system with proven effectiveness. The treatment time for Teeth Whitening In Korea is just one hour on an average. Within short time, you will enjoy 10 shades brighter results.

3. Professional strength: whitening agent present in the OTC products in small amounts. This is generally 3% peroxide. This provides results only for those patients having light teeth stains. If you have intrinsic or severe stains, it was not possible for you to enjoy positive results. With domestic OTC products, you will get shades that are 1-2 times brighter. Whitening gels used by the dentists are of the professional strength. Only qualified dental practitioners have access to such products. Here the peroxide strength of maximum 35%. The gel will penetrate teeth enamel removing the stubborn stains. The kits that you buy from the stores will not be able to touch these stains. Within a single visit, it is possible to whiten the teeth by 10 shades.

4. Comfortable treatment: sensitivity and pain of teeth in people is quite common when they use the OTC products for whitening. This generally happens due to the penetration of hydrogen ions in the teeth surface. Also, whitening agents make contacts with gums or lips because of the presence of incorrectly sized strips or trays. When you go for a professional teeth whitening in Korea, the dentist places protective cover over the gums. This will prevent direct contact with whitening agents. Afterwards, they might also suggest fluoride treatment. This helps to cut down their teeth sensitivity.

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