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Rivak Hoffman is a Master Personal Fitness Coach living in Mesa, Arizona, will help you enhance your fitness, change your shape, take command of your lifestyle and change bad faulty exercise techniques and patterns by giving personal training. Each workout gives emphasis to the basics of core stabilization, muscular endurance strength and flexibility.

Sports Performance Training

If you're sporting enthusiast or wanting to improve your game, sports performance training will zero in on a specific set of muscle.

Both Road and Mountain Bike Training mileage can wreak havoc on ankles, knees, hips, lower back and neck joints due to the repetitive nature of spinning a bike crank at moderate to high RPMs (RevolutionsPer Minute). Personal Training in the ranks of professional cycling is a very common practice and has been over the past 3 decades. Pro cyclists desire to produce a higher level of WATT output at the cranks and rely on condition to give them the added edge on their competition.

In order to improve power for climbing steep grades or accelerating on the sprints, the cyclist must maintain stability and strength in all joints from top to bottom. If stability is compromised then there is the risk for tendonitis, ligament tear and cartilage rupture increases exponentially. This is also known as pattern overload syndrome. As a highly sought after Mesa Arizona Personal Trainer for Cyclists and experienced cyclist I have the medical acumen, sports conditioning knowledge and a strong cycling background. This triad knowledge allows me to help cyclists improve their speed, climbing power and overall muscular endurance if the cyclist is coachable and willing to apply themselves And no risk of injury with my prescribed methods.

Training to become a fast competitive cyclist requires knowledge of the 4 distinct phases or modalities required to improve the cyclist's physiology.

Rivak Hoffman is a Master Personal Fitness Coach and Sports Conditioning Coach living in Mesa, Arizona. He is also a Former Iron man Hawaii and Canada Triathlon Competitor. You can follow his cycling training on Strava. Rivak's company Every bit fit AZ provides a host of services for those seeking a higher level of health, fitness and sports conditioning.

Personal Trainers Mesa AZ

Attempting to fill your bucket with too many goals often leads to failure. In order to manifest this, it is imperative to choose one goal at a time. Just walk around some of the big name bodybuilding gyms and you'll see what I mean.

Every Bit Fit - Fitness & Nutrition is a leading educator in Arizona, bringing cutting edge knowledge to our clients. We bring the gap between Physical Therapy and Personal Training by weaving preventive medicine and medical exercise into all our training sessions for more information visit our website:

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