Why Select Fire Rated Steel Doors for Your Business Premises and Buildings

Posted by bonnykiim on May 24th, 2017

A Fire Rated Door looks and functions just like any other door. The door only comes with an added feature to restrict smoke and fire at one place. They are common in areas prone to fire accidents. Steel is used to make fire rated doors as it highly restricts combustion. Steel limits the spread of fire in an extensive period of time.

Fire rated steel doors are a great way of passive fire protection. These doors stereotype your building and home and prevent the spread of fire from one building to another. Apart from fire rated doors, smoke and fire dampers, as well as firewalls, provide passive fire protection.

Better integration of active fire for enhanced safety

It is necessary to integrate active fire protection systems with passive ways of fire protections. Many features of an active fire protector do not work well in times of fire. In most cases, the high wall sprinklers always fail to function because of poor maintenance. The water pressure system may not be right in the case of a fire incident. This way, steel doors becomes more important like the active fire protectors. Fire rated doors will not actually extinguish or put down the fire, they will prevent the spread of fire in an affected space.

Resistance Capability

There are different types of fire rated doors offered by steel doors manufacturers. The doors come with different kinds of fire ratings. In reality, steel doors can withstand fire up to one and a half hours. High-quality doors can resist fire for more than 200 minutes. Fire rated doors can be used in building exists, stairwell and in industries in boiler areas.

Delayed Smoke and Fire Spread

Steel is a high-quality material and is essential for building reliable doors that are critical for preventing the spread of both fire and smoke. Steel doors offer longer fire resistance time, they do not suffer from fire breakdowns and the doors remain sturdy and strong over time. They offer a safe opening to any occasion.

Life Saver

These doors are crucial in saving injuries and lives to residents of any building. The doors offer an egress point to the occupants of premises in the events of fire. The doors can hold the fire up to 2 hours which provides ample time for the building occupants to safely exit the home or building.

Lastly, good quality fire rated doors not only withstand fire but prevent transmission of heat to the area of the door not exposed to the fire. Fire rating doors specify the number of hours the door can endure in the case of fire and the maximum temperature the surface can reach in a certain period of time.

Fire Rated Steel Doors are necessary as they prevent fires from spreading, ensure safety since they limit smoke and fire to a particular sector, restrict damages as they allow least possible damage, and they are just as beautiful as normal doors.

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