Outsource B2B Telemarketing Services to Boost Business Opportunities

Posted by Alisha Sharma on May 24th, 2017

If you will happen to ask business development executives or sales representatives of an organization what is that one thing that will help them convert qualified leads into sales, they all will give you the same answer – valid information. Access to verified and accurate information and latest marketing tools enable marketers to identify prospects, generate leads, qualify them on basis of on their sales readiness, nurturing those leads that are not sales-ready till they become one and finally converting leads into sales. While some organizations have access to both human resource and technology that allow it to gather customer information, verify and validate it and furnish it to sales representatives; there are others that find the entire process of gathering information and validating it to be a daunting task and fail to deliver the expected results. Such organizations collaborate with third-party b2c and b2b telemarketing call/contact centers and subcontract their customer relation management function to gather data, validate it and create a strong database that would act as the backbone of their business development and sales department and enable sales representatives to access information whenever they need it.      

There are numerous b2c and b2b telemarketing call/contact centers not only gather demographic data, but also gather information pertaining to how customers act and behave across different interactive platforms. This information helps them formulate a comprehensive database of those prospects that show some interest in the business offerings and have the potential to be termed as sales-ready leads, which can be converted into sales.

The role of b2c and b2b telemarketing call/contactcenters is beyond obvious. The aim of this blog is to explore this role of these centers and what value telemarketing adds to a business.

Role of B2B telemarketing contact centers

Over the last two decades, business industry has witnessed a surge in the number of B2B telemarketing call/contact centers. These centers offer a wide number of services and solutions to its clients, including such services and solutions that were traditionally offered by expert marketing companies.

Advancement in technology has changed the dynamics of business process outsourcing (BPO). Thanks to these changes, B2B telemarketing call centers have emerged out as contact centers. In addition to offering conventional call center services, these modern day contact centers are offering domain specific services and have included promotional campaigns and services to create brand awareness under the scope of their services. These service/solution providers have acumen to deliver customized solutions to create new sales options.

For years, organizations across different industry domains have relied on telemarketing contact centers to efficiently handle campaigns for gathering and validating customer information and creating and updating strong database. Presently, this role of telemarketing and telemarketing contact centers is increasing by manifold. An increasing number of organizations are availing b2c and b2b telemarketing services to give a professional look to their business. These services help organizations build strong brand image, generate qualified leads, schedule meeting and provide sales reps with information that help them convert leads into sales and improve sales numbers and revenues.

With businesses becoming more concerned about their brand image and market presence and their increasing reliance on telemarketing service providers to offer best in-class services, the future of these service providers is quite bright. An increasing number of organizations are availing telemarketing services instead of core marketing research services to conduct surveys, perform research and analysis, predict upcoming market trends and formulate effective business and marketing strategies to make a strong impact in market.

Keeping the benefits offered by b2c and b2b telemarketing services, it is safe to say that organizations that want to grow must avail these services that help them climb the ladder of success by seizing on lucrative business opportunities by converting qualified leads into sales.

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