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4 Kickass Tips to Keep Burglars Away From Home

Posted by lindahudson in Other on May 25th, 2017

Every person wishes their home and household to remain safe, whether they are at home or away from home. However, burglary and theft come as a hindrance in the fulfillment of this wish. Several people even try all possible ways to keep burglars away from home; still, every year lakhs of homes become a victim of this crime.

Here, we tell you four awesome tips to prevent burglary we have collected after networking through a few security companies in Kansas City.

Keep your doors locked

Apparently, you lock your door when you go away. But also keep your doors locked when you are at home, no matter how much safe your area might be. In several cases of burglary and theft, intruders easily access home through an unlocked door or a wide open window on the first floor. By leaving your windows or door open, you are giving a chance to intruders to rob your house. This simple step can save you from a fat loss and of course regret.

Strong locks

In many cases of theft, intruders just break the lock easily, grab the valuables and run away as soon as possible. It is so easy! Here a strong lock could have saved the household from burglary. Instead of factory locks, get a good security system installed at your home. At present, security system comes with multiple smart features like smoke or heat detectors, panic buttons; light, thermostat, and lock door control, security cameras and can be easily controlled from anywhere through your smartphone.


Dogs have always been humans’ best friend. They are excellent deterrents of home invaders, no matter what shape, size, and breed are they. They are vocal about any suspicious activity or person. Plus, they can sneak and peek without any trouble. Moreover, if you place a ‘Beware of Dogs’ banner outside home with a barking dog, it makes your home safer manifolds.

Stop making announcement

Social media has become part and parcel of our lives, where people keep posting their life stories, plans for future, and several such incidents for the whole world to see. People announce vacations, weekend gateways letting the world to know the details of their plans. In another way, they inform burglars that if they arrive, there would be no one to bother. You don’t know everyone on your friend list. So, can you trust them?

Follow these tips and enjoy peace of mind.

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