Learning To Play With Free Guitar Chords

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Close your eyes and listen. Is there a sound more soulful and more resonant than a well-played guitar? It?s the sound of life and the sound of the soul. You can make it yours. That is, if you?re up for it.

Figuring out how to read your free guitar chords?

If you are teaching yourself to play the guitar, you will be reading a lot of manuals filled with diagrams and notations. Learning to read the diagrams and guitar tablature will guarantee your enjoyment of free guitar chords, which you can download anytime from online guitar sites. The daunting task should not dampen your interest because it is actually easy as long as you put your mind into it.

Imagine now that you are looking at a blank diagram. The diagram will represent your guitar. The vertical lines are the 6 strings of your guitar. The horizontal lines are the frets. Do not count the last line on top. That is your guitar?s nut and nuts should be ignored, no pun intended. When dots appear on any of the horizontal lines within a fret you are instructed to use the string. The dots will have numbers to indicate which finger to use on a particular string.

When the dots appear without a number inside, it appears like this: O ? this means you are not going to play the string. You will also learn which finger will be 1, 2, 3, and 4. The thumb is not included in the count, but is designated as T.

At first, there will be some difficulty and awkwardness with the fingers when learning your free guitar chords specially prepared for beginners? lessons. Beginners are advised to concentrate on the chords, the strumming later. As each chord is sounded, listen carefully to the sound and get used to the feel of the chord on your fingertips.

Getting the feel of free guitar chords

Guitar chords are arranged according to basic chord patterns. The CAGED system represents the major chords: C, A, G, E, and D. This is introduced to prepare beginners for more complex chords. Often, later lessons will bring in the F and B chords and the chords with flats and sharps. When the lessons have finally been learned by heart, the succeeding lessons will be easier. Still, you have to consistently practice with free guitar chords to perfect your craft.

When you?re downloading free guitar chords, get video demos to supplement your guitar instructions while you?re at it. By watching how the chords are played, you will be enhancing your playing style. The demonstrator also often explains away the details, and you can view the same video anytime until you have learned the tricks ? like switching between chords with speed. As a beginner, you probably place one finger at a time on the strings. This will be cumbersome later when you have to switch chords fast. Make finger exercises a part of your routine to help you touch all the required strings at any given time. This exercise requires placing your fingers on the strings, lifting your fingers, and placing your fingers on the noted strings at the same time. Repetition will help you perfect the skill.

Indeed, learning to play the guitar can be a lot of hard work. But then, nobody ever said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it.

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