5 Aspects of Labrador Parenting You Should Consider Before Buying a Lab

Posted by Diana Mead on May 25th, 2017

If you’re considering buying your first puppy, learning as much as you can about the breed can be extremely helpful. Labs are outgoing and friendly dogs who will always try to please their owners. They can be a great addition to your family and a beloved companion for your field trips, or even as a show dog. Labs are also known to be intelligent, easy to train and full of enthusiasm. However, owning a lab isn’t just about fun and games, as it comes with many other responsibilities. Consider these 5 points before you look for Labrador puppies for sale:

1. Time – Puppies need a lot more time and attention than older dogs and therefore, you must consider your schedule before you buy a Labrador puppy. They are highly energetic and need lots of exercise and daily walks and training, so make sure you can save up ample time to raise a happy and obedient dog.

2. Space – Dogs need a lot of space, both inside and outside your homes. Labradors are fairly large and lively breeds and they will need open spaces to stretch their legs and run. Also, make sure you remove all fragile decorations from lower shelves inside your homes as they tend to knock over items with their thick and long tails.

3. Affordability – Apart from the initial cost of buying Labrador puppies for sale, you must also consider the cost of raising the dog in your home. As Labs are relatively larger breeds, they will need more food compared to the smaller dogs. They also need regular vet check-ups to ensure their good health and vigor. Other costs include their toys, kennel or dog house, crate, dishes, training devices, etc. Consider the overall costing for at least 10 years before you make your decision.

4. Family – Labradors tend to grow quickly and what might seem like a small puppy initially will soon grow into a big dog. Make sure your family can adjust with the new member, especially if you have children below the age of 5. Though many parents have enjoyed giving their toddlers a pet buddy right from the beginning!

5. Health – When you choose a puppy, make sure to ask about its health and its parents to know its health history. Also, check the puppy and see if it looks happy and healthy. A weak looking pup may have a bad case of worms or some other physical ailment. Though Labs aren’t susceptible to much diseases, it is better to do a thorough health screening and regular check-ups later to be sure.

Last but not the least, is the consideration of whether you should get a male or a female puppy. If looks are important for you, you might want to go with a male dog as they are muscular and larger. It is also easier to neuter males than spaying females. Female dogs have 2 heat cycles in a year when they behave differently and tend to shed more. Based on your exact requirements and your family’s needs, you can choose the perfect Labrador puppy to join your family!

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