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You can now access an in-game world map using the map icon beneath your minimap!A simple left-click will open up a resizeable, moveable world map interface. You can also right-click the icon for a full screen option.The resizeable, floating world map can be open as you play. You can even have runescape 2007 gold other interfaces open alongside it.Once open, the in-game world map has a number of useful functions.

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If you wish to see a key, click the key button found in the bottom left of the interface.Clicking on one of the items in the key will cause the icons on the map to briefly flash, allowing you to easily locate whatever it is you are looking for!

If you have the floating world map open, you can move it by clicking the border at the top and dragging.If you wish to resize the window, click the border any other than at the top of the world map window and drag to resize.

If you're struggling to find what you are looking for, you can try using the search function. Start typing for what you are looking for into the search box at the bottom of the world map window, and the search box will start auto-completing as you type.Once you have typed what you are looking for, or auto-complete has suggested it, press enter and your world map will move to that location!

The search feature searches any map labels. So, if you are in a dungeon which lists the locations of monsters on the world map - you can search for the name of a monster and be taken to its location!If you wish to view areas that are not on the surface of Gielinor, you can do so using map links!Entrances across the surface of the world have map link icons which, when clicked, displays the destination of that entrance.If you are in a complex dungeon, seeing which-entrance-goes- can be very valuable. Luckily for you, the in-game world map also includes intra-map links!If you are in a dungeon with a number of rooms or floors connected by different types of entrances, the world map will show you those entrances will take you with intra-map links.

Balancing Changes

When it comes to our priorities for updates, the longevity of Old School is always at the top of the list. We want to ensure Old School is here for you to play and enjoy for years to come.The community has always strongly leaned towards the idea of fixing existing problems rather than building on top of them. With this in mind, we sat down and took a critical look at some of the most problematic pieces of content in game.Today's update includes several unpolled balancing changes to existing pieces of content; changes we strongly believe to be in the best interest of Old School's long term health.


Zulrah has remained one of the most consistently profitable monsters in game since its release in early 2015. It has fundamentally changed how many people play Old School - providing unmatched rates of consistent profit.While we don't have an issue with a challenging piece of content being profitable, just how profitable that content may be is something we do need to consider - and we have concluded that Zulrah is too rewarding.

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