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A Closer Look at Modern Art Through Best Modern Art Paintings

Posted by michellesilvermanart on May 26th, 2017

The lifestyle of people and their professions was the same for a long time and the artistic values revolved around the commonness that they shared. But as the industrial revolution came into existence, it dramatically changed the atmosphere of the world and everything became fast-paced. Many history scholars believe this speediness in the common lives to be the reason that led to the creation of some of the best modern art paintings.

Ideas that so far governed the majority of artworks around the world started to evolve and this led to painters beginning to seek new approaches towards art. As the urban population boomed, the pace became intoxicating and this affected the young painters of that time too. Modern art is believed to have begun around 1850 when realism saw the dawn of the day. New styles were defined and later redefined by the painters of the 20th century. The paintings, now, portrayed the modern times and their was a chaos in their calm too.

So far subconscious mind had remained away from the limelight but with modern art, it came to the foray and painters started to explore the perimeters of dreams, symbolism, and iconography that later became subject of worldwide discussions of the booming trend. With artist Claude Monet’s Sunrise in 1873, impressionism came to the forefront too. There was an essence of uncommonness in the work as the handling of paint and focus on light and atmosphere were highlights of impressionism in the painting. It is also one of the examples of best modern art paintings.

Some of the artists, who concurred with the sudden change around their lives, were happy to put out their appreciation in the form of paintings that projected the delight of the working-class at the newfound job opportunities. Whereas, there were others who detested the commercialization and represented their bitter experiences on canvas. The biggest characteristic of modern art is the artist’s intent to portray a subject as it exists in the world. But one shouldn’t get confused by this idea as many modern art paintings are also abstract and represent unique ideas through compositions of colors that make them pleasing and sometimes psychedelic.

Some of the examples of best modern art paintings that are considered to be the best masterpieces focus on using combination of colors to produce an undefined beauty such as: Series of ‘Purple Reign’, series of ‘Articulation’, Rosyne, Meteorology and Waterfall.

The author is an avid reader and feature writer. This article is about modern art paintings and how it evolved through the ages with the changing economic conditions and lifestyle of people.

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