Features That Make The Conference Phone The Best Equipment At Office

Posted by Jessica Beak on May 30th, 2017

Are you trying to have a conference phone at your office? If you are wishing such then you must be having those which has Grandstream device configuration in it. There are certain features in these conference phones which make it be the most liked and useful equipment at your office.

They have the standard features

These phones have the normal features like normal phones. You can if you wish to hold a call, transfer one, redial a number or even mute the phone. The best Yealink conference phones have these features integrated so that you can use the phones with ease.

The gain management feature is one to be loved

Having the Gain Management feature integrated into these phones it is possible to cut outside noise so that sound clarity increases. You will not have the difficulty in hearing as outside noise will not create any problem. The system is automatically set to eliminate any outside noise so the voice clarity remains the same all throughout the meeting.

The advantage of directional microphones

In a meeting, there must be various speakers speaking. So if there is only one microphone then it becomes difficult to conduct the meeting over the phone. The usage of directional microphone makes having such a meeting more convenient. They provide effective means of reducing the ambient noise. No one has to move from their seat to speak and the microphone will take care of it.

Reduction in interference

The duplex technology that is integrated with such phones enables to have a conversation which is free flowing. You do not have to stop the conversation due to any cut-out or interference. Even if you are seating in such a place where outside noise is loud you will be able to hear the two-way conversation and your meeting can continue in a normal manner. It helps to save time too. As there is no stoppage in the meeting, it can be concluded soon.

The phones can be interconnected with other features

The phones are so built that they can be interconnected with other devices so that having a meeting becomes more convenient. It can be connected to external speakers, microphones or display units so that you can have the meeting comfortably.

It has the best security features

You definitely would like to have the best security available while having the meeting. There are features like usage of passwords which will not allow others listen to the call that you are having using these conference phones.

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