The Rising Popularity of Hybrid Clouds

Posted by julesa on May 31st, 2017

What ishybrid cloud computing?

In the fast paced world of cloud computing, hybrid cloud environments are gaining popularity due to their potential to meet different client’s needs. More and more companies choose to work with a combination of private, or on-premise cloud, and public or third-party cloud, which in short is called hybrid cloud computing.

By choosing hybrid cloud hosting, businesses are able to use their on-premise storage as well as cloud storage to meet their needs and reduce costs. It also allows businesses to have more options when it comes to deploying data and enhanced flexibility.

How do businesses benefit from hybrid cloud computing?

The reason so many businesses choose hybrid clouds hosting is that they are able to keep theiron-premise private cloud or physical storage for critical and sensitive information but to use the public cloud storage to hold information that is not critical. This means that they are able to access what they need and be in control of any downtime for updates rather than relying on the cloud being reliable at all times.

For workloads that are subject to continual change, hybrid cloud computingis ideal. An example of this would be a company that deals with vacations or other seasonal goods that have a spike at certain times of the year. This allows additional storage to be available straight away without the disruption of adding physical on-premise storage just for these peak times.

Processing big amounts of data by using hybrid cloud computing facilities can help companies to keep their immediate data tests retained while the cloud runs the analytical queries to reduce downtime. Why hybrid cloud hosting could be the answer to temporary storage such as holiday spikes? The company will only need to pay for the storage they use, while they use it, rather than having it sit around taking up space throughout the rest of the year when it’s quieter.

Hybrid cloud computing using a management platform can make it easier to handle workflow, queries, billing and numerous other problems, making it an ideal solution for numerous companies regardless of size. The management tools make integrating on-premise storage with cloud storage easier for those that do not have previous knowledge but want to remain in control.

Hybrid cloud computing can also be of benefit to companies that have a static building but also need some of the work to be completed remotely. It allows specific users as set by the manager to access the information in the cloud from anywhere they have access to the internet to continue to work when they are not on the physical site, while keeping data that is going to be needed regularly on premise for day to day smooth running of the business. More and more people are choosing hybrid cloud computing as their storage solution, since it offers them the benefits of both private and public clouds.

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