Wonderful Alternatives to AWS

Posted by thenewsgiraffe on May 31st, 2017

AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, is the top cloud provider and has been in the cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market longer than any other leading provider. However, though they are constantly innovative and it is expected they continue to be a major, there are many wonderful alternatives to AWS out there. To be on top of available choices, here are some competitors for you to consider.

Google Cloud Platform

One of the biggest Amazon AWS competitor is Google Cloud Platform. The scope of Google's offerings is amazing and the company has really worked to offer a great AWS subset. They offer a compute engine, which will allow you to run workloads on a large scale on virtual machines that are hosted on the Google Infrastructure. Their pre-emptible VMs come at a low cost for distributed and fault-tolerant workloads. They also have an App Engine, which is a platform for building scalable web apps and mobile back ends. Finally, they offer a container engine, to manage docker containers on Google's infrastructure, which is powered by Kubernetes. Their cloud storage is astounding, powerful and simple, not to mention cost effective. You will also have access to Nearline, so that you can backup, archive and recover files. As you can see, Google has a lot that they bring to the table when it comes to what they offer.

Microsoft Azure

Anyone familiar with the popular software company Microsoft might already have heard about their Amazon AWS alternative, Azure. While it is not as popular as its competitor, Amazon, it is a growing product and you will find that because they are so excited to welcome you on board, they will give you a free 0 of credit to use while you are getting a feel for their product. This feature is a great way to take advantage of Microsoft services to see if they are right for you. There are many other wonderful free options for you to choose from, including a pricing calculator, which will allow you to compare prices with the AWS prices. There are no upfront costs, no termination fees and you will only be paying for what you use.

More alternatives to AWS

Of course, there are other wonderful and less well-known AWS alternatives out there, including Rackspace Hosting, Joyent, and IBM Cloud Computing. It is best for you to look for an AWS alternative based on your wants and needs. When you are choosing an alternative cloud server, it is important for you to consider what you are going to need and take a look at all of your possible options before making a decision. Amazon AWS is not the only cloud storage service out there, even though they are one of the most well known. Weigh your options and do your research so that you can make a properly informed decision and choose the best cloud storage for you and your individual needs.

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