Hookah Smoking- A trend of the century

Posted by myhookah on May 31st, 2017

The smoking of cigarette is very popular among every section of society. Hookah has made its ways too much impressive among a higher section of the society. Smoking hookah is the latest trend of the 21st century.  A new study has found out that more exotic the form of the smoke is of the tobacco use, hookah is on a rise among the teens.

In fact, almost 18 percent of the high school students are said to have smoked hookah for years, according to the statistics.  The water of the hookah comes through a pipe which uses the charcoal to heat up the wet tobacco product which is basically the Shisha.

The latest findings of the researchers come to the conclusion that the High- School seniors of 48 states are measuring students attitude, behaviors and the values for the results which is a result of heaving hookah.

Egyptian Hookah is very famous. They were notable for using different techniques and processes for having a hookah in a delightful way. It was always a center of attraction among the Rajas and Maharajas.  Tobacco is consumed in a much different way like chewing hookah.  It is an old method of consuming the tobacco which is dated back to 400 years ago in the ancient India.  It was called in by different names like the Narghile, Shisha and even Arghil among the diverse parts of the entire Orbis.

There are many Myths of having Hookah it includes;

Myth #1: Hookah smoking confer brings down the nicotine than cigarettes. In the case of the practical world, the reality is that Studies have observed nicotine introduction to be generally equivalent between the two practices. At times, the contingent upon the tobacco item and smoking propensities, and the nicotine admission could be higher than with a water pipe.

Myth #2: A water pipe's smooth smoke is an indication that it is less poisonous.  The reality is that the smoke is smooth on account of the pipe's dampness thus there is nothing to do with poisonous quality.

Myth #3: The water in the base of the pipe sifts through poisons. The reality is that if the water filters are out it reduces the risk of health issues.

Myth #4: The organic product added to seasoned tobacco grants a medical advantage. The reality is the fruit enhances the flavor which is largely seasoning and does not add to one's everyday products of the soil portion. Thus, enjoy having Hookah in a limit.

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