Non-Surgical Nose Job Cost in the United Kingdom

Posted by Keem Toul on May 31st, 2017

The non-surgical nose job, or non-surgical rhinoplasty as it is commonly called, is a revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic process that allows reshaping the nose without any surgery. By the use of injectable filler, the nose can be injected to lift a droopy tip, straighten a nasal profile, smooth out a visible bump, or create a nose bridge.

For patients who seek to correct these imperfections in the appearance of their nose, non-surgical nose job costs in the United Kingdom are a major concern. A properly done Non-surgical nose job can correct defects on the nose, making it more symmetric and balanced with the rest of the face. This results in facial harmony and can lead to pleasing natural appearance.

The Non-surgical nose job is among the most common procedures in the United Kingdom. There are many benefits associated with nonsurgical approach, especially for patients who are looking to change the shape and add the volume of the nose subtly. A major advantage is a price. So, how much does a nose job cost? This question takes into account many variables. It considers the desired result for each patient, experience of the practitioner, the local market where the patient is seeking treatment, etc.

Non-surgical nose job procedures are performed with Juvederm or moderately long lasting fillers which cost an approximate of 00. Most doctors prefer using Voluma and Radiesse which are temporary fillers in the same price range. Permanent rhinoplasty procedures using Bella fill may cost more, depending on the number of sessions required to get that desired look. For those patients who seem to give rhinoplasty a test drive before any surgical procedure, less expensive dermal filler is an appropriate choice.

Since the results of a non-surgical nose job are never permanent, you may consider a long term cost of the approach. When considering the price, however, there are other “costs” that you may take into account:

The Cost of Recovery

After a nose job operation, you will have to devote time to your recovery. This means missing an entire week of work. Some people are lucky to work for companies with sick leaves, others use vacation time or go unpaid during their recovery period. It’s up to you to know if you can afford the cost of recovery time associated with nose job procedures.

Emotional and Mental Cost

The mental cost associated with rhinoplasty is typically high. Most rhinoplasty patients get support from friends and family, while others feel very concerned about their decision to get that nose job. Though the decision is personal, it is naturally to have the concerns of others. Before the surgery is done, there are high levels of fear and anxiety. Some patients might feel even depressed.

The Revisions Costs

Non-surgical nose job has one of the highest revision rates of all cosmetic surgeries. The jobs are challenging procedures due to the delicate structure of the nose and subjective views on facial aesthetics. Even when an experienced practitioner performs the procedure, the patients may not be satisfied with the outcome. Can you afford to undergo a second rhinoplasty because of undesired results?

Contact a qualified practitioner to learn more about non surgical nose job cost in the United Kingdom.

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