Qualitative Research ? Database Helping In Planning Of Marketing Strategies

Posted by Coral Research on May 31st, 2017

When a product or service on a huge budget has to be launched in the market, the most important thing that one has to go for is the qualitative research. Today a number of clients are approaching consultancy services that are providing such research options.

To start a business in a particular location or to launch a product, it is very much important to research well and analyse whether the particular product or service will be in demand or not. For this analysis, there are a number of things that have to be known – things such as the demand of the customers in that particular area, shopping trend in that area, customer behaviour towards the product that you are about to launch.

To get answers to these many questions, a small group of people is taken as a sample. People from different categories such as age groups, work field, and others are taken in this small group and then the research is conducted by providing this small group a questionnaire to answer. Mainly the questions asked here are based on the factors sociology, psychology and anthropology. The results of such research are descriptive and so it offers a detailed summary of the market.

The sessions for the research can be conducted in person, over the telephone or now even through social sites.

How Can Qualitative Research Help?

There are a number of reasons why Qualitative Research is conducted by clients now with the help of consultancy services. Some of the reasons that are often counted are described here.

For Planning Ideas

For taking major decisions, it is important to have conducted intensive and standardized research. Qualitative research helps you in taking some major decisions such as:

• Preparing marketing strategies,

• Conduction SWOT analysis of the product,

• Branding, development and pricing of the product.

These points are very important in the marketing of a particular brand or a product. But the planning of all these factors cannot be done successfully if proper database is not available. Qualitative research offers a strong database, based on which planning of all these factors can be done easily and proper results of the same can be attained.

Designing Strategies
Not just planning of various marketing strategies, but also a number of other strategies are planned such as that of designing based on the database obtained from qualitative research. Internet marketing strategy is the most important thing that can be taken care of properly after getting the qualitative research conducted. Some options in internet marketing strategy are designing of mobile apps, user interface design, user experience, user journey, website UI and many others.

Analyzing And Correcting The Product

One of the most important benefits of conducting a qualitative research is that you can find out whether your product and service will be in demand at a particular location or not. On knowing the taste and preferences of the customers, it becomes easier to analyse which product or rather which type of product can be in high demand in this area.

Also based on the results, some of the major tweaks can be done. For example, the prices of the product, extra facilities along with the services, or if, say, you have opened a restaurant in an area, you may slowly start changing a number of things such as the menu or the flavouring of the food based on the feedback and suggestions provided by the consumers.

Usability And Competition Market

No doubt that usability of the product and service are major factors that affect the sale of the product, but then how will you know that whether the product is usable among the consumers of the particular place? This can be done by conducting a qualitative research. Also qualitative research helps you in understanding the impact of the competitors on the audience. Based on this record, the clients can decide upon the changes that have to be made regarding the product and services that have to be launched.

Launching a product or starting up a brand is not that easy. If you really wish to get a good response for your products in no time, then you need to go for a proper planning. Again planning needs proper database for which conducting a qualitative research is important.

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