Ibogaine and Opioid Addiction Treatment

Posted by lastingfix on May 31st, 2017

The world has been trying hard to control an unprecedented growth in the use of heroin and subsequent overdose deaths. This is one of the serious public health crises with many people succumbing to heroin overdose. Though federal authorities across nations are taking constant efforts to stop the rising phase and trend of abstract heroin abuse, the scientists too are working hard to develop good treatment strategies which can give relief to patients from heroin addiction sooner and without much less pain.

Ibogaine Clinic is a naturally forming psychoactive substance that is found in all plants of Apocynaceae family. This substance has become a flash of hope for the people coping with heroin addiction and trying to get over it. This element is known widely for the treatment of effective opioid addiction, which is one of the most difficult and addictive drugs to handle. The Ibogaine substance functions by stopping the problems caused by opioid addiction in the human brain. The substance is observed to form a deep psychedelic state in the user. This condition lasts for around 24-36 hours or sometimes more. This treatment gradually helps the patients to withdraw themselves from the cravings and also reverses their drug using conditions and behaviours.

How does Ibogaine work?

In addition to opioid addiction, the Ibogaine substance is also effective in treating various other conditions like dependence of alcohol, Suboxone, methadone element and various other stimulants. The substance works by stopping the addiction process created by the opioid in the human brain. When a person takes opioid, it blends with the receptors of the brain. A regular use of drugs like that makes the brain have cravings for it, as a result of which the user experiences an increases craving power for the drug. Ibogaine in Bahamas affects areas of the brain which are involved in the drug cravings and transforms them to the original state.

One good session of Ibogaine in the Ibogaine Treatment Clinic is enough to tackle severe opioid addiction. A single dose of Ibogaine makes the user experience a psychedelic state for total of 30 hours. During this ongoing stage, the users acquire an insight into their addictive behaviours, which controls their habit. Though the first session is itself beneficial enough, many users opt for more counselling to help them cope with the relapse.

Risks associated with Ibogaine usage:

The Ibogainesubstance is a classified Schedule I drug in the United States which implies its usage is illegal even though the drug has portrayed benefits in the treatment of opioid addiction. The Ibogaine Therapy process with Ibogaine substance is has many side effects. Until now, the mortality rate of the Ibogaine drug is estimated at 300, with death caused by factors like bradycardia (the slowing of the human heart); lethal combinations added with other substances, liver malfunction problems besides various other conditions. Apart from that, the drug can also pose risks like ataxia (the loss of control of specific bodily movements), deep hallucinations, sudden tremors and heart impairments. As such, this substance for treatment should be used only under high medical supervision and after observing the pros and cons of its usage.

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