Importance of VFX Technique in Film Industry

Posted by arenaanimation on June 1st, 2017

There’s often discussions about the costs of visual effects. But for now let’s take a look at something seldom discussed and that’s the value of visual effects.

What are the benefits of visual effects?

Freedom for filmmakers, writers and directors to tell any story they like.  Humans have been telling stories since communication made it possible. Verbal and written story telling can and does cover everything imaginable. A writer has full freedom to do anything including having their main character turn into a giant cockroach. Myths from around the world describe actions and creatures that don't exist in real life. Even the Bible has a number of stories that would be difficult to realize beyond the written word and paintings.

The various mediums of storytelling all have their place and good stories are tailor made for each medium. Converting a novel to a film script takes specific writing skills to boil the essence down to 2 hours. It also means that writer descriptions that would form images in the readers mind now need to be generated in photographic reality for the movie viewer.                                        

Visual effects cover such things as-

Creating entirely virtual shots

Changing the background

Creating the background

Adding actors, characters or creatures

Changing actors

Adding objects or props

Removing objects

Obscuring objects

Specialized speed changes

Fixing problems on the set, adding eye effects, removing wig netting, etc.Arena Animation is a leading graphic designer in Udaipur provides Broadcast Training Institute in Udaipur.

The visual effects team works closely not only with the director but also the cinematographer. Working with the production designer we can expand the sets that are built or build sets that would be impossible to build for real. Working with the stunt team we can remove their rigs (car ramps, wires), help to provide the visuals needed while trying to maintain reasonable safety and can extend or create a stunt if it’s not possible. Working with the special effects* team we can hide their rigs if required and expand and enhance what they’re able to provide. Working with the wardrobe department we can expand the capabilities of their costumes when required (IRON MAN, BLACK SWAN, etc) Each of these departments are very helpful in providing visual effects with what we require to get the best material.

Visual effects is normally focused on the augmentation or modification of live action but visual effects artists and tools are also used for:

Computer graphics animated films (Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony Animation, etc)

Video games


2D to 3D conversion



Special venues and multimedia (in addition of course to films, television and commercials).You must have watched the movies “Sultan" and “Bahubali"There are so many scenes and sequences which will give you goosebumps. The cost and the time spent on capturing the situation in a real way is really high. Therefore visual effects are used.The usage of visual effects is a double edge sword. You have to make sure that it appears “real” to the audience.

Making of Bahubali

I hope you can understand the importance of VFX. Are you looking for the professional VFX animation designer and join the qualified VFX Animation Courses in Udaipur? Than Arena Animation help you to find it.


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