An Overview of Infertility Treatments in Goa

Posted by Paihospital on June 1st, 2017

There are a number of causes for infertility. Contrary to popular belief, only thirty percent of these causes can be attributed to the female partner. Thirty percent are because of male infertility causes, another thirty is because of combined issues of the male and female partner, and the last ten percent of causes remain unknown. Infertility in females is caused by ovarian factors such as infrequent egg production, tubal factors such as infection or endometriosis, and cervical factors (wherein the body produces anti-sperm antibodies). In males, the cause may be due to birth defects, heat-related causes, immunological factors (wherein the person’s antibodies attack the sperm which results in low sperm motility and count), penile disorders, and even vices such as alcohol and tobacco can affect reproduction.

The good news is that there are infertility treatments in Goa available to help those who are having difficulties bearing children. One of the top choices is IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. This procedure begins by stimulating the ovaries with fertility injections so that they would develop mature eggs. The dosage of the medication will depend on the patient and her reaction to the medicine. The injections will be given for 10 to 12 days, and the patient response shall be closely monitored through a transvaginal ultrasound.Once the eggs mature, they are given an HCG injection and then retrieved after 34 to 36 hours. The retrieval or the ovum pick up is a quick and painless procedure that is done under general anaesthetic. During this time, the partner will be asked to produce a semen sample that will then be given to the embryologist who will extract the sperms that have highest motility and quality. The IVF embryos are fertilized in incubation and then cultured before they are transferred to the mother. The transfer, like the egg retrieval, is a painless procedure that is done without sedation using a trans-abdominal ultrasound.

Choosing a hospital in Goa for your infertility treatment is crucial. The best hospital in the city specializes in gynaecology, obstetrics and infertility. They have world-class, hi-technology equipment, treatment methods, facilities, and highly-skilled doctors. They also havemultiple decades of experience and are considered among the top hospitals in Goa.

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Pai Hospital came into inception in the year 1985. They specialize in providing advanced IVF treatment and offer all gynec facilities like pregnancy care, surgeries for the diseases related to all age group women. They expertise in providing best key hole surgeries/ laparoscopy at affordable rates. Over these past 30 years, Pai Hospital has given very devoted and efficient service and has developed a long list of satisfied patients and completed families throughout Panjim, Margao and other regions of Goa.

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