An In-depth Overview of Blepharophimosis Surgery

Posted by Oculoplastic Eyelid Orbit Surgery on June 1st, 2017

Blepharophimosis is a congenital condition caused due to a genetic disorder that affects eyelid development. This malformation of the eyelid is characterised by three main conditions namely Blepharophimosis, Ptosis, and Epicanthus Inversus Syndrome (BPES). The treatment must be started at an early age to reduce the aftermath of these conditions since vision problems usually occur because of blepharophimosis.

As per many studies conducted over the years, blepharophimosis is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern in which the mutated gene from either or both of the parents gives rise to this problem. Children born with this condition usually have droopy eyelids, an upward fold of eyelid skin near the inner corner, horizontally narrow eyelids, flat nose, and larger distance between the eyes than normal. Because of the narrowed eyelids, the vision becomes restricted and can be an obstruction in living a normal life for people suffering from blepharophimosis.

Surgery is the only viable treatment for this condition because it cannot be dealt with any other kind of medical treatment. There are different surgical procedures that can be carried out to help the patient lead a normal life. Expert oculoplastic surgeons perform Blepharophimosis surgery to treat the patients dealing with the BPES condition.

Depending on the severity of the condition, if left untreated, this condition can lead to other major and minor eye issues such as visions problems, lazy eye, etc. In fact, short-sightedness and far-sightedness are two of the most common problems that people suffering from blepharophimosis have to face as a result of the condition itself leading to further issue with vision.

The oculoplastic surgeons usually start the treatment by dealing with ptosis, also known as lazy eye, since it is directly responsible for causing vision problems. The brow suspension is corrected during this procedure so that the eyes open and close properly. The eyes are widened through surgical incisions on both the outer as well as the inner corner to cut through the excess skin and make eyelid close to the normal size. The surgeons take every care to make the incisions at places where the scars are marks are least visible so that the patient does not deal with confidence issues after the treatment.

The treatment also depends on the age of the patient, severity of the condition, as well as the patient’s preferences. The operation takes a few hours to complete, and post-operative swelling and bruising subside in a few days or weeks’ time. The actual results of the procedure are visible after a few months. A comparison of the “before” and “after” photographs can clearly show the difference that the blepharophimosis surgery has made.

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