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Dark circles under eyes cast an aged look, in addition to appearing ghoulish. Many factors result in the appearance of dark under eye circles; parental genes or allergies or lack of proper sleep. One of the underlying reasons for dark eye circles are blood vessels. What needs to be understood is that the skin beneath the eye is around 0.5mm thick, while it is 2 mm thick elsewhere. Blood vessels that are bluish in taint, give the appearance of dark under eye circles due to the thin skin thickness beneath the eyes. We weigh in on the options available to get rid of dark circles and restore looks to appealing and desirable standards.

Laser surgery for permanent solution to dark circles under eyes

Dark circles laser treatment is increasing in popularity, mainly due to the success rate of the procedure and the amazing results. Dark eye circle surgery performed by experienced and renowned eye surgeons helps in giving a fresh look and transforming tired looks to one that is vibrant and clear. The surgery involves the focussing of laser rays on the dark areas under the eyes. The darker areas absorb the rays and the laser resurfaces the under eye area to give it a fresh and clear look, without traces of the dark circles.

Treatment for dark eye circles and puffiness of eyes

Dark eye circles are the result of health related issues and diagnosis unearths the reasons behind the appearance. Puffiness under the eyes, in combination with dark under eye circles tend to create an appearance that is undesirable. This puffiness is due to the accumulation of fat or fluids. Commonly known as malar festoons, this condition requires the expert treatment of occuloplastic eye surgeons. Blepharoplasty helps to eliminate the puffiness and in combination with surgery to remove dark circles can restore looks to appealing and desirable status.

Temporary make up remedies for dark eye circles

Make up to conceal the dark eye circles is temporary though cheap. Eye concealers lighten the skin colour under eyes to match the overall complexion and skin tone. However, make over can never fully hide dark eye circles, it can help to keep the soften the impact of the appearance. Other options include skin lightening creams, which can tackle pigmentation problems. However, such cases are very rare, not to mention the limited efficacy of the topical applications.

It is important to choose the right treatment. A wrong choice will result in retaining the same appearance, leaving individuals distressed and conscious of poor looks. Of the many options available for treating dark eye circles, viz., home remedies, make up and laser treatments, the latter offers permanent solutions with the best results. Masking the areas with makeup will be difficult to continue beyond a point. Laser surgery has helped countless patients to relive their lives after the simple surgery. It is all about choosing an experienced surgeon to perform the procedure to experience the benefits of this advanced procedure.

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