After The Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training: 4 Best Ways to Share Yoga with Positiv

Posted by joev prude on June 2nd, 2017

Since you have landed on this page, we assume that you are quite interested in sharing the knowledge about yoga with others. It is a certainty that you have experienced the happiness and fulfilment given by yoga practice – the divine way of life. We share your enthusiasm and the spirit of giving; and thus, crafted our Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Nicaragua, with the utmost care to ensure you have everything you need to satiate your spirit of giving. We are here to help you unleash your potential and be a guiding light for others; to assist them in their journey to discover yoga.

Yoga is not an occupation but rather a way of life. It requires the dedication and devotion of the individual. However, it is not impossible for us to get swayed into a different state of life, which contradicts the way of yoga, and sweeps it away in a confusing, western, material and commercial direction. As a yoga instructor, one must adhere to truthfulness and integrity, without losing oneself to the worldly pressures which force us to act otherwise, at times. We bring forth certain tips, which will certainly help you achieve your goal.

# 1. Continue the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Lineage

As mentioned earlier, yoga is considered to be a way of life. Life is all about learning, and as someone interested in yoga, it is inevitable that you will always remain a student. Yoga is nothing but a “parampara”; which is a Sanskrit word that relates to continuity. While a teacher or instructor passes on his learnings to his students, they should also be open to learning the practices from their teacher.

Yoga can be compared to a river of knowledge flowing down through the generations. Honesty and integrity are a major part of learning and teaching yoga. As you teach as you were taught, in the same vein, your teacher will have been trained the same way herself, and so on. Ego should not play a part in your teaching, and one should always try to stay away from the practices that might affect the integrity and honesty of their teaching.

 # 2.  Selflessness Teaching

A great Scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, said, “I am collecting pebbles on the seashore of knowledge.” Yoga is similarly comparable to an ocean of knowledge, where each one of us collects pebbles one at a time, thereby adding consciousness and improving our lives. Understanding the vastness of yoga can be tough. However, it adds humility to ones’ way of practicing and teaching. When you surrender yourself to yoga with a selfless attitude, it bestows upon you the very best practices and enriches your life with its delicate secrets – from deep within.

# 3. Are You Practicing What You Teach?

As we discussed earlier, you must have the mindset of a student to be a teacher. Learning is an important aspect of teaching, and you should be ready to practice, practice some more, and then practice some more. It will give you a good grounding and something on which to revert. By continued learning, it allows to you to teach. It is important for you to remember your own time as a student and that you are continuing to grow. Just as significant is that it reassures you of how powerful and important it is to ‘practice what you preach.’

 # 4. Yoga Teaching Practices: Gratitude

Yoga has enriched your life. If it had not made a change, you would not be sharing it by teaching others. Each day, take the time to remind yourself how grateful you are for this life-enriching practice, whether it is in front of your class or on your mat in a private moment. Offering gratitude within your teaching practice will fill it with positive growth intentions. Being grateful produces humbleness and selflessness. Teaching with gratitude allows us to teach from a place of service – it removes egos and just offers what we know in the best way we are able. When doing this, in a simple and selfless way, we practice in purity and greatest, imparting with others the great joy which inspired us to teach.

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