Tired of the "clueless fashion headband look"?

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on June 2nd, 2017

The "clueless fashion headband look" dates back to the 1980s. It wasn't really Jane Fonda's fault. It was a large number of true fashion hacks try to cash in on that look. Sadly, the idea of truly awful headbands has never really quite gone away. You can see them everywhere online, festering in thumbnail pictures and other atrocities.

As fashion, these headbands simply prove that it's possible to get away with any amount of bad taste and lack of creative ability in the fashion industry. The other problem for the lucky wearers of these "garments" is that they are also truly lousy headbands. The usual result of wearing one is to have what is basically a sweat-soaked rag on your head, and feel even more uncomfortable than you would without wearing it at all.

Then there's the inevitable style of wearing something that looks like a colored pressure bandage on your head. Talk about classy. Designs? You call that design? How? You can buy better looking things at Walmart in the kids’ party wear section. Add to this the excitement of wearing something that looks exactly like what everybody else is wearing, and it's the perfect non-fashion experience. Hence the expression "clueless fashion headband look". T

Fortunately for headband wearers around the world, a company called Sweaty Bands has come up with a whole new idea:

Good quality materials.

Proper fits.


Full customization process.

Decent prices.

Actual modern designs, not escapees from the Smithsonian.

Terrifying, isn't it? To think that somebody would actually market a whole line of wearable, good-looking sports headbands! Even more frightening, these guys can actually source new headbands when they come on the market!

If you're looking for a real sports headband which is which are actually wearable in public, check out their website here at http://www.sweatybands.com/. Take a little while to browse the website, see the vast number of very different styles and design ideas, and above all, learn how to use the custom option. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the prices, and over the moon about the custom design options.

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