What you Should Know about Elevated Poly Rainwater Tanks

Posted by ops on June 2nd, 2017

I am sure while driving around your town you may have noticed large water towers topped with large elevated water storage tanks. Depending on the topography of the town and the location of the tower, they may be visible from a long distance. These tanks are often decorated with the name of the town in which they are located. In hilly areas, there is no need for an elevated tower as the tank can be placed on the highest ground of the town for the same amount of elevation. If you take these tanks as simply a picturesque element of the rural landscape, think again. For the towers have a practical purpose, they supply the community with water.

The same principle works on a smaller scale in case of domestic water tanks that are placed on an elevated level. They are often placed on a roof or a platform. Elevated tanks serve a household in a many ways. They are generally used as a catchment tank for rain water or work as an emergency water storage system during those times when a municipality fails to supply the community with water. In some areas where there is no municipal water supply, elevated Poly Rain Water Tanks Gippsland serve as the household’s primary source of water.

Why are rainwater tanks elevated?

The primary reason to elevate a tank is to create more water pressure. If a municipal rainwater tank is elevated few feet above the ground to deliver water to the entire community with a suitable force and without a pump, the same thing can work for a household pump. The ability to create water pressure with the help of gravity means less or no fuel expenditure and a step towards an eco-friendly solution. A pump might not be necessary for an average household equipped with Rain Water Tanks Gippsland. An alternate solution to this is to elevate the tank to a considerable height above the plumbing of the house to create sufficient pressure. If you utilise the stored rainwater only to serve the garden, wash the car and for other outdoor chores, elevating the tank will save you time and money that you planned to invest for installing a pump. Again, an elevated poly rainwater tank is difficult for burglars to access and it prevents water contamination by pests like rats and mice. 

The benefits of elevated rainwater tanks

  • Eliminates the need for an electric pump to pump the water out. This means less fuel consumption which is less harmful to the environment.
  • Less dependency on local water supply which is expensive, unreliable. In some cases, they are not even available.
  • Ensures a supply of water for gardening, washing cars or other needs even during water restrictions.
  • Stored rainwater can be used as potable water which might be tasteless or unhealthy when provided by the municipality.  

So have you installed Rain Water Tanks Bendigo in your property? Don’t lose this chance to save money and become self-sufficient. Visit your local store and get a rainwater tank for your property and enjoy the benefits.   

Author Bio – Logan Smith is the owner of a company manufacturing rainwater tank. In this article, he writes about Poly Rain Water Tanks GippslandandRain Water Tanks Gippsland. Read more to know aboutRain Water Tanks Bendigo.

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