Five Fun Things To Do Inside A Fez Hotel

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

The medieval city of Fez in Morocco has sights and sounds that can really cure that sickness most active travelers dread about ? boredom. If the weather is fine and your mood is up for some real adventures, then get out of your Fez hotel room and witness the city's breathtaking attractions like the Bou Inania Madrassa and the Merenid Tombs. Stop by at the medina to shop for Moroccan items that you can give away to your friends back at home. Stand in awe as you watch the Moroccan artisans traditionally process leather at the city's tanneries. Also, a lot of exciting activities and exhilarating hotspots await outside your Fez hotel, so there is no way for you to be under the vicious claws of boredom.

However, what if the weather will not allow you to experience the thrills and frills waiting outside your Fez hotel room? Or what if you are not in the mood to face the Fez travel challenges but still looking forward to a fun-filled day? Do not worry, in case severe boredom sets in, try one or more of these five fun things to do inside your Fez accommodation:

1. Lose Yourself In A Book
Finally, it is your chance to finish that book you started reading while on flight but had to put down to give way for those Morocco trips. Reading is always a delightful pastime. Only a book has the ability to bring you to many magical places by just simply flipping pages. Don't have anything to read? Try Mark Ellingham's "The Rough Guide to Morocco".

2. Practice Your Culinary Skill
If you never tried cooking for yourself before, this is an exciting thing to do. Find a recipe of a simple Moroccan dish on the Internet and pretend like you are Morocco's version of Iron Chef. Remember to follow the instructions carefully so you can come up with a dish that you can be really proud of. Offer it to your travel buddies and ask for feedbacks.

3. Join the Blogosphere
An online travel journal is a must-have for travelers. Your travel experiences and ideas might be helpful to other people. It is also a convenient way of telling your family and friends the events happened to you along your trip. Visiting other blogs can also provide inspiration for future posts. It can even be an avenue for building new friendships. To do this, make sure to book at a Fez hotel that has a reliable Internet connection.

4. Play Sports
Most Morocco accommodations have recreational facilities that you can utilize according to your liking. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and golf courses are the usual amenities found in a Fez hotel. Involving yourself in these sports can benefit you in two ways: one, it can help you escape from boredom; and two, it can be beneficial to your health.

5. Indulge In A Sound Trip
After you feasted your eyes on Fez's captivating scenery, it is time you give your ears a shot of your favorite tunes. Whatever music genre you are into, a song with a nice rhythm and beat will never fail to bring a relaxing feeling to your body and soul. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite CD, press play, and turn up the volume. Just make sure you do not disturb the Fez hotel occupants next door!

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