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Selenium is a program mechanization device, regularly used for composing end-to-end trial of web applications. A program robotization apparatus mechanizes the control of a program so that dreary assignments can be computerized. Despite the fact that the target here may appear to be basic, there are a great deal of assignments required keeping in mind the end goal to make things work.

Selenium IDE:-

Selenium IDE was made with one reason: to expand the speed of experiment creation. It has client activity record and playback choices which help you make straightforward tests rapidly. The interface is easy to understand and furthermore bolsters numerous expansions.

Cons: It's upheld just by the Firefox program and fundamentally utilized as a fast prototyping apparatus. For genuine, vigorous test mechanization and to run your scripts in various programs, Selenium 1 or Selenium 2 is prescribed.

Selenium 1/RC:-

Selenium RC or Remote Control enables you to run HTML test suites in a scope of various programs like IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari with the utilization of a server. It additionally bolsters numerous dialects like Java, Ruby, C#, Perl, Python and so on. It is stage free, so a similar code will take a shot at Windows OS, Linux, Mac and Solaris. Selenium RC server is just backings in the Selenium API's.

Selenium 2/WebDriver:-

Selenium WebDriver permits the controlling of the program from the OS level. It's not required to physically begin/stop the server any longer. It's as yet ready to run Selenium RC's interface for in reverse similarity. It underpins the WebDriver API and fundamental innovation, alongside Selenium 1 innovation for greatest adaptability in porting your tests. Selenium 2 incorporates more strong and question arranged API making it an a great deal more hearty mechanization instrument. Join selenium training in Bangalore and become a master in selenium tool.

Parallel Testing With Selenium WebDriver:

Parallel test execution incorporates running a gathering of robotized tests in parallel as opposed to running them consecutively. In this approach, one doesn't execute your tests one by one. Rather, the whole group is part up between different servers so that each server can run a solitary test at any given moment. This procedure has some amazing preferences to improve the general programming advancement lifecycle.

To start with, running tests in parallel can impressively diminish execution time. In the event that one has adequate assets to run all tests on the double, then the ideal opportunity for the test execution will keep going just the length of the slowest test. For example, on the off chance that one has 100 tests and 100 virtual machines on which the tests can be run, then part them in parallel will empower one to run 100 tests at the same time. In the event that the slowest test takes three minutes to run, then that will be the term for the whole test suite to be executed.

The second advantage that parallel test execution offers over successive test execution is that it gives a test group a speedier input circle. In the event that a test suite can execute speedier, then the test group can have criticism quicker, utilizing which activities can be embraced, for example, troubleshooting. This is a development that the whole IT group is moving towards. Consistent conveyance can't be made a reality if the entire test suite required 10 hours or more to execute.

Taking everything into account, executing parallel testing with Selenium WebDriver has a few advantages, such as lessening the execution time of the test suite and limiting the length of the input circle that tests give. Such advantages help in driving higher quality programming through more proficient means.

Focal points or advantages of Selenium WebDriver:

  • Support for different dialects, for example, Java, Javascript, Php, Perl, python, C# and Ruby.
  • Selenium server instating is redundant.
  • Support for iPhone and Android testing.
  • WebDriver can find directions of any question.
  • It is truly simple for a WebDriver to make a catchphrase driven structure.
  • It uses the local mechanization strategy.
  • It runs a somewhat speedier and the significantly server is not required.
  • Implementation of audience members is incorporated
  • Enhanced Ajax testing highlights
  • Facilitation of extraction of articles in mass like QTP made conceivable.
  • The need to fire up a server in WebDriver is disposed of.
  • One can manufacture mouse development utilizing selenium.

Essential advantages of Selenium WebDriver over Selenium RC:

Selenium uses JavaScript to mechanize site pages - Selenium Courses in Bangalore. This enables it to cooperate intimately with web content. This was one of the principal computerization instruments to bolster Ajax and other massively unique pages. In any case, this additionally implies Selenium keeps running inside the JavaScript sandbox. This implies it is expected to run the Selenium-RC server to get around the same-root strategy, which can once in a while result in issues with program setup.

On the flipside, WebDriver uses local mechanization from every dialect. This implies it offers a considerably nearer feel to the program. It is prudent to stick to WebDriver, as it is touted to be what's to come.


The advantages offered by Selenium WebDriver as far as parallel testing, programming dialect bolster and powerful scripts empower top of the line testing and guaranteeing a top quality programming item. This makes it basic for people and associations alike to receive Selenium WebDriver for testing to accomplish brilliance in item conveyance.

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