Recharge Body And Mind At A Manchester Airport Hotel

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Zap! The lightning bolt flies through the air, barely missing the huge aircraft as it wobbles through the sky. In the cockpit, the pilot furiously makes adjustments on the control panel in front of him. His objective is simple and urgent: to regain control of the 747 as it struggles through the heart of a storm. Zap! Another bolt strikes one of the plane's engines, putting it out of commission. With half of the aircraft's four engines destroyed, it cannot remain airborne much longer. The stewards and stewardess are wandering from seat to seat, trying to keep the passengers calm. Suddenly, the plane starts to nosedive. It falls faster and faster towards the ocean! At that moment, the voice of a real pilot is heard throughout the aircraft, announcing that the airport is within sight and that you will land in a few minutes. Then, the movie resumes.

Even with exciting movies shown on board, flights can be tedious. After a long flight, a Manchester airport hotel can help you rejuvenate before your vacation or work begins.

A Trying Trip

The Americans Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first sustained airplane flight on December 17, 1903. The flight, lasting just 120 feet and about 12 seconds, was as comfortable as a ride on a bull's back. Today, technology has made flying as smooth as silk. While on board, you can sleep, eat, and even walk around, as though you are in your own home. Still, flying can be taxing on one's mind and body. While some flights can take less than an hour, others can last for half a day. Also, planes provide less room to talk around in than trains or ships do. Eventually, you might feel as though a Manchester airport hotel were a planet away. Arguably the biggest problem that air travel causes is jet lag.

Lags and Rhythms

Many of us have had jet lag, but what exactly is it? Human are used to alternating periods of day and night, which last for set amounts of time. This creates our "circadian rhythms," affecting our sleepiness, body temperature, metabolism, and the like. So when we travel through different time zones, and particularly during international travel, our circadian rhythms get messed up. The results are jet lag, which can cause sleepiness; difficulty falling asleep at night; and a short temper. A doctor can prescribe medication or sleeping pills to treat jet lag. Nonetheless, after reaching one's destination, it usually takes a few days for one's circadian rhythm to "reset." One way to ensure this happens quickly is to find the right Manchester airport hotel.

Landing a Recovery

Jet leg can fill your head with cobwebs and make your eyes feel like two burnt holes in a blanket. Luckily, you can locate a Manchester airport hotel that will allow you to recover from your trip. These lodgings are often in scenic areas, a short trip to public transportation and tourist spots. These hotels are clean, with either a traditional or modern décor. Amenities of a Manchester airport hotel can include:

* Coffee and tea facilities
* Conference rooms
* Free breakfast
* Internet connection
* Ironing equipment
* Laundry service
* Mini refrigerator
* Parking lot
* Phone
* Private restroom
* Restaurant
* Television

Before your trip for business or pleasure really begins, the travel can wear you down. A Manchester airport hotel can help you to recharge mind and body!

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