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Get Yourself Tested By A Certified Clinical Breast Examiner On A Regular Basis

Posted by mammacare on June 5th, 2017

The cases of breast cancer are increasing in number every year. There are no specific reasons behind the development of breast cancer, neither there are any recorded methods to prevent it from occurring. The best course of action is early diagnosis which is possible through regular examination. As per several medical researches, women with breast cancer are generally not aware of the disease during the initial stages and this makes it severe leaving them with the option of breast removal. So, women must understand the importance of precaution and undergo immediate clinical examination in case of any lump or anomaly. Women are suggested to undergo a regular check-up even if any anomaly is not clearly visible.

A clinical breast exam is performed by a certified clinical breast examiner who is properly trained with palpation skills to examine the breasts for a lump or any extra mass. A certified clinical breast examiner has an enhanced sensitivity in fingers so that they can spot a breast lesion of the smallest size. Although a clinical breast examination is very important to be conducted twice or thrice a year, women are also recommended to do a self-exam every now and then. A clinical breast examination is important for other breast diseases too such as mastitis and fibroadenoma. Women with breast implants must also undergo regular breast examination under the supervision of a certified professional.

When you are going for a breast exam, make sure you report all the essential things to your health professional. Things to tell your doctor are:

● A lump, mass or any visible change in breast or nipples.

● Having pain in any of the breasts irrespective of your menstrual cycles.

● Inform your doctor about implants, breastfeeding, menopause, biopsy and history of breast cancer in family.

If you are planning to undergo an exam, try to book an appointment a couple of weeks after your periods as breasts tend to be tender during periods. You should be open about any queries you have related to the tests, its risks and about how it is done. You can contact a gynecologist or a certified clinical breast examiner regarding a breast examination. You can book an appointment through an online medical center also. If you are a medical professional seeking to earn a certificate, online portals will help you with complete information regarding the matter.

The author is a web blogger. The above article is about clinical breast examination with the help of a certified clinical breast examiner.

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