How to Choose Good Sunglasses for Kids on Long Island

Posted by Optix Eye Care on June 6th, 2017

It’s a habit to cover kids in sunscreen before they go outside. However, does your child wear sunglasses as well? Have you ever thought of whether they have to? Nevertheless, kids must wear sunglasses when they are outside in the sun. Even, wearing sunglasses as a kid can help safeguard against the most basic eye conditions that grow later in life.

Here are a few tips to choose a pair of good sunglasses for kids on Long Island so that they look good and their eyes can get full protection:

•    UV protection:

You can’t feel or see the UV radiation that the sun gives off. It enhances Vitamin D in small doses. But lots of amount of it can cause issues like skin cancer and sunburn. Even your kids’ eyes can get damaged also by it. So, before checking the price tag, it is recommended to read the label. Check out whether the sunglasses block completely UVB and UVA rays or not.

Too much UV ray can destroy your kid’s retina and cause cataracts as well. Even it could cause tissue to grow over the kids’ eyeball also.

•    Polarized lenses:

Polarized lenses reduce glare in the snow, at the beach, or out on the water. However, they do not take the position of UV shield. Your kids might see better through these lenses when there is much light around. Nevertheless, these lenses can make it tougher to see things like smart phones or PC screens.

•    Fit:

A pair of sunglasses which does not fit properly can let UV lights seep onto your kid’s skin and into their eyes. Sunglasses which wrap around the eyes of your kids can easily block the UV rays’ stray. These also can prevent allergens and sand to affect your child’s eyes.

•    Colour and darkness:

Only because a lens is quite black does not mean it can block UV lights. So, you must read the label. When a kid wears dark lenses, the pupil opens much more for letting in more amount of light. If the sunglasses are not rated for blocking UV lights, it might let even much more into your kid’s eye’s back.

•    Sunglasses for kids:

When you choose new shades of sunglasses for kids on Long Island, remember that they should wear them always, whether sunny or not. According to a survey by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2014, just 32% parents can make their children wear sunglasses which are rated for blocking UV rays.

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