Why businesses must organise comprehensive GST training sessions in-house?

Posted by alexispowell on June 6th, 2017

The government of India is taking all the necessary steps to ensure the successful implementation of GST, and it is quite determined to roll out GST from July 1, 2017.  Herein, it might become somewhat challenging for businesses to gear up and respond adeptly.  It is so true that GST would necessitate several crucial changes in the compliance frameworks of businesses, and in order to ensure the same, they need to gather all the crucial details regarding GST and its impact on businesses.  Some experts claim that businesses should ask their tax accounting professionals to attend training courses as this can be quite helpful in developing their understanding of the law.  However, one must not underestimate the significance of organising comprehensive training sessions in-house.

There are various benefits that in-house training sessions can ensure.  First of all, it will help businesses keep their workforce updated on the new law provisions.  It is so obvious that during initial few years, GST would undergo various changes.  An in-house training sessions would ensure latest updates on GST in India to your workforce, and this would actually help you in a variety of ways.  Businesses should always keep the fact in mind that GST would receive several criticism from various people, and it might compel the government to induce various changes and modifications.  Although these modifications would be induced through appropriate legislative procedures, nonetheless it does not give you the freedom to overlook any changing law provisions.  Various countries have embraced GST by now, and numerous instances suggest us that rules and regulations of GST undergo some changes even when it is introduced or implemented in a country.  Some experts even ask the government to introduce some price regulation mechanism.  It is quite obvious that lack of such price regulation mechanisms would lead to inflation.  Similarly, GST might be in need of various legislative modifications in India once it is implemented here.  Hence, it is important to keep track of ensure latest updates on GST in India through comprehensive training sessions.

Some businesses feel that instead of ensuring regular training sessions for their professionals, it would be better to coordinate with outside experts.  It is so true that outside experts can offer you top-tier GST services at the most attractive price.  Moreover, they can help you maintain strict compliance as well.  However, you must not forget that acquiring services from outside experts and training your professionals on GST are two different aspects that just cannot be compared.  On one hand, experts can offer you a wide range of cost-effective GST services, and on the other hand, comprehensive in-house training sessions can help you develop better insights into GST.  Therefore, businesses must try to organise comprehensive GST training sessions in-house for their workforce.

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