Know All About Blood Bank Temperature Monitoring Systems

Posted by Tom Eric on June 6th, 2017

Blood banks have indulged in helping humanity with blood collection and storage for use when required. Safety is prime concern for all blood samples. There is a heavy risk of contamination and possible temperature fluctuation in the storage units. These donations are regularly tested for ABO and RH blood types, HIV, bacterial contamination, and more, as well as monitored for proper storage and handling. These risks necessitate utmost care and attention with consistent monitoring of blood and blood storage units.

Wireless temperature monitoring system in Blood Banks

Wireless temperature monitoring systems are designed and fabricated to monitor temperatures in blood banks. Basically, a blood bank monitor essentially protects blood from waste in order to increase patient safety, drive accountability, ensure compliance, and much more. These classic versions of monitors work automatically, hosted on servers, and can be accessed using a simple browser or smart phone from anywhere. These upscale temperature monitoring systems hold great importance for proper working of blood banks and transfusion services (for blood storage and transportation as well).

With the correct choice of blood bank temperature monitoring system, one can save tons of money by detecting impending failure of blood samples stored in healthcare facilities. These devices are integrated with automated sensors to track the environmental values including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, air and more.

To sustain blood safety, this round the clock temperature monitoring system detects abnormal conditions and sends an immediate alert or notification via email, text, pager, or voice telephone. So, this means a team member receives a notification, the moment the system enters into an alarming state, granting them time to properly address the situation, and react in a manner that saves the product involved.

This temperature monitoring system is scalable and flexible in such a way that it can monitor any location, starting from refrigerators to ultra low freezers in a facility of any size. Your automatic monitoring system adapts and grows as you do, and serves a facility that may be either small or complex one.

With the option to function as a standalone system or a fully networked environment that can monitor hundreds of devices and equipment simultaneously, you do not need to worry when it comes to adding refrigerators, freezers, or other appliances in your facility. The system has unlimited capacity, making it easy to adjust to where you are and what you need.

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