Advantages Of Warehouse Temperature Monitoring System

Posted by Tom Eric on June 6th, 2017

Managing the temperature of a facility may sound like a small job. But its importance is greater than common perception. Maintaining proper temperature is essential to keep the goods in optimum condition throughout their shelf life. It is easy to look after the temperature levels at the site while you are physically present there, but inconsistency occurs when you are not available at the site.

Maintaining proper temperature throughout is essential especially for perishable products. To avoid the nightmare of things getting ruined due to inconsistent temperature, it is imperative to install a high-quality warehouse temperature monitoring system to monitor the temperature of warehouse from remote locations.

● Monitoring systems nowadays always inform the users about any existing problem in the temperature control system through notification on phones and email.

● The system also provides immediate alerts whenever the temperature rises or decreases on the optimum scale. This helps in reducing the wastage of products at several levels leading to increased shelf life.

● The requisite reports are created and populated automatically and sent via email, SMS or mobile application to the concerned person. Hence, it eliminates the need to make and collect daily reports. Also, there is no need to check the individual logger from time to time.

● Modern systems also provide the flexibility of installing a wireless system. It is extremely easy to set it up and can be monitored from any remote place.

Considering the huge benefits it provides, its incurs minimal cost to install such a system which is capable of increasing efficiency of the warehouse. In fact, it is one of the most efficient options to monitor the temperature of a place as big as a warehouse without any hassles.

You must keep these essential things in mind while installing a temperature monitoring system.

● Set up the temperature alerts of different areas and shelves after carefully examining the storage spots which will be used to store specific items.

● Basically, there are two options to choose from - the first one is the wired system and the second is wireless. We would recommend a wireless system, which is more easy to install and takes lesser time to set up in the entire warehouse. Apart from that, it gives a greater amount of flexibility in terms of control and future modifications.

● And most importantly, make sure to install the temperature sensors in every corner and shelf to monitor the temperature in an efficient manner.

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