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Posted by eztalks on June 6th, 2017

An online collaboration platform allows social networking to be integrated into the day to day handling of a business. Tools and processes are combined to allow employees to connect with people, resources and the information they need at any given time. Employees are able to solve problems that arise during work and their productivity is greatly improved.

Typical features of online collaboration platforms are document sharing, instant messaging, social media sharing, web conferencing and video sharing among others. There are many online collaboration platforms, which one should you use? Here are the top five that you should consider settling for.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

For over years, ezTalk has been providing video conference solutions, On-Premise solutions and Cloud Meeting solutions. The latter is the most loved and used because of the convenience it offers its users. ezTalks Cloud Meeting has in particular proven to be very effective, especially now when people prefer to host online meetings over video and phone calls instead of at a physical location. With ezTalks Cloud Meeting, it is becoming easier to connect and collaborate with business partners, employees and work mates to name but a few.

Why is ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best online collaborative platforms to use? With it you're able to collaborate online with up to 99 participants for free. This is the highest number of participants supported by an online collaboration platform free of charge. As for the number of meetings you can hold as many as possible. Live broadcasting via a browser is also supported with crystal clear audio and high quality video. To allow discussions to be even more fruitful is the content and screen sharing feature as well as interactive whiteboard sharing and co-annotation. With this platform the proceedings of a meeting can be recorded and played as you wish. For personalized discussions the collaborative platform allows private and group chats.

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2. Slack

Slack is a collaborative platform online that makes communication among team members, both easier and better. With it, you can make audio and video conferencing calls. It comes with many and customizable notifications, so you will not miss any important information. Slack helps to reduce emails and meetings, so other members of the team and you can concentrate on what you do best.

Slack is very easy to use with an easy login by using the unique team URL provided. With it, you will be able to chat in different groups at a time. Though it will take a while before you can get the hang of how slack works. Once you get it you will be happy.

You can set keyword alerts and even a “do not disturb” sign just like you do at the office when busy with other engagements. Group members engage with others via channels which can be created by anyone in the team. Slack is very easily customizable and is affordable. It even has a free package. Though it is limited in features, it is a good way to test Slack before you decide to pay for it.

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3. Yammer

Yammer is also a great platform for online collaboration. With Yammer, seamless connections are created among the people and information in any organization. You can create groups that allow work done as a team to progress smoothly. The whole team can take part to share idea, solve problems and so on. Discussions can be easily done cutting on the back and forth involved when using emails. Private groups can be created to hold discussions on sensitive matters. You can upload photos, videos and files, making the discussions more interactive. There are Yammer apps for iOS, Android and Windows, so all members can participate regardless of the device they use.

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4. Asana

This is a web based online collaboration platform with no supporting mobile or desktop applications. After learning how to use it from the online tutorials provided, you will find that Asana is a great one. You're able to create and join groups using your Asana accounts. It is very easy to manage projects with this platform. Each project has tasks, sub tasks, assignees, due date, attachments, tags and followers. The conversations on each task are placed in context making it easy to keep track of the progress. Team members can discuss issues easily.

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5. Concept Inbox

Concept Inbox is not a free online collaboration platform, but it offers a great place for teams, clients and designers to collaborate online. The dashboard allows to hold discussions, upload images and files. Designers are able to create interactive prototypes, share videos and discuss questions in real time.

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There you have it, the best collaborative platforms that you should consider using. Base the decision on what you would like to use the platform for, the ease of use and the features it comes with.


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