Posted by lizaparker01 on June 7th, 2017

We all are very much versed with the fact that content marketing can help in boosting your business and achieve the envisioned growth. Content marketing is different from traditional marketing. It involves conceptualization of idea for creating new and valuable content, publishing, and sharing it to drive attention of newer clients and prospect on your business.

Content marketing requires time, efforts, and knowledge to research, organise, and create business augmented content that can define your brand. Hence, due to lack of expertise and time, most of the businesses fail to create effective content marketing strategies and take full advantage of it.

Consequently, many of the small and big businesses these days are outsourcing the task of content curation, creation, and promotion to the specialised Virtual Assistants.  They help you in comprehending the full benefits of content marketing by adopting affordable and practical ways to promote your business and build a more visible brand.

Here is how a VA can help yon streamlining your content marketing efforts that can drive more traffic to your website:

Content curation:

Content curation involves gathering and sharing the articles published by the third parties that are relevant to your business or industry. It includes connecting with the similar businesses online, sharing valuable information with the audiences, become a thought leader in your industry and improving your social content schedules.

Hence, a VA helps you in keeping well-informed with the trending topics and then collating the topics that can be shared on your website or blog. He also keeps building a list of relevant topics, sources and content for your business.

Content creation:

It is the process of conceptualization and creation of content exclusively for your business. It does not necessarily mean a blog posts or article. But, it can be some infographics, social media posts, listicles, email marketing, presentations, etc. which could drive attention of audiences on your business.

A VA helps in creating SEO friendly content that helps your business rank better on the search engines to drive traffic to your website. They also assist in keeping your website content fresh and updated by using the trending topics that helps in better online engagement. VAs also help in creating engaging CTA social media posts for an improved lead generation. They constantly work towards creating content that can showcase your business and create awareness about your brand in the minds of people.

Social media management:

Once you have all the content, it is important to share and promote that content at right place at the right time to generate some value out of it. So, you need to use the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. for leveraging your online marketing efforts. This helps in lead generation and driving traffic to your landing pages. It also improves your SEO ranking and online presence on various social media channels.

VAs specifically help you in managing the social media accounts for your business. They create creative and attractive CTA social media post and schedule them across various social media platforms using various tools. They also help you in monitoring the activities on various social media platform like answering to all concerns and feedbacks, etc. as well as also helps in evaluating the performance statistics in terms of engagement on these platforms.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is a great way to deliver audience specific content. In this case, messages include the useful content i.e. created keeping in mind the interest of the targeted audience and such messages are sent directly to the inboxes of clients or potential clients. This increases the chances of your content to be read and then, make them visit your website to look for more information.

VAs can help you to draft an effective sales email or newsletter and schedule them to be delivered at optimal times. They even manage and segment your contact list for creating targeted content and monitor the email marketing statistics to evaluate its performance.

Content marketing is an endless process that can help the business to grow and drive more sales. A VA helps you in creating and executing an effective plan to reap all the great benefits of content marketing for your business.


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