How Is Corruption Affecting the World Especially Nigeria?

Posted by Atlantic Reporters on June 8th, 2017

This is an era of development; we have power, technology, and money to achieve everything in life. Still, there are a number of areas in this world that are struggling for the accomplishment of their basic need. Let’s think about the detailed scenario of these countries. Imagine the situation of poverty, misery, how technology will reach to that place that is not getting enough to meet their day to day expenses. In such condition, people belong to these areas highly dependent on local news stations to know about the current updates of the world. They might not have televisions or radio stations in their house but they do buy a local newspaper that tells complete detail of what is going in this world.

Reporting is a noble profession. People involved in this field need no appreciation, everybody knows only army men or reporters have the courage to face danger to save others. I am sure nobody has a single word to pay gratitude to them. This is the basic reason why we always appreciate their work by thanking them every day for bringing the world close to us.

What is the situation of Nigeria in this context?

Nigeria is an African country situated in the gulf of guinea.  This country is full of natural and geographical diversities but the country also has high crime rate. People live here in deep stress and extreme fear of being killed.  This is a major drawback of ruling government they are not able to handle people by providing them proper guidance. What government can do in this case? According to the recent survey, Nigeria and many other countries of Africa are deeply drowned in the black river of corruption. If high authority is involved in corruption then how it will give command to do something right for the growth of the country. Nnamdi Kanu is a political activist who is originally British- Nigerian.  He is a freedom fighter and radio director of a channel. He is fighting against corruption, therefore, he had been locked in jail for more than a one and half year. This kind of news had become headlines in the daily newspaper and had given courage to the people to fight for their right. A country free from corruption means a beautiful place to live. This is the major reason why people of Nigeria Anti-Corruption are making effort in this direction.

What are the duties of reporters in this condition?

A person who has the professional degree in Journalism can become a journalist. If a person had tried that much why after becoming journalist he betrayed his profession. It is the basic duty of the Atlantic Reporters Nigeria to cover unbiased news. If a reporter is neutral to the situation then only he will get power to bring change in the present condition of society. Changes are welcomed in every part of the world but there are certain duties of people too. Instead of welcome everything why they do not raise their voice against wrong. If they had made this step earlier the situation would have been better than currently, it is.

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