The Right Strategy To Buy Healthy Natural Treats For Dogs

Posted by Barry allen on June 8th, 2017

Dos are the most adorable creature on the planet. Nobody can bestow the kind of selfless love as dogs do. All they need is a lot of love and good food from the owner. It essential to provide healthy and nutritious food to keep dogs healthy and active. The portion size of the food should be decided by the breed of the dog and the amount of physical activity they do in a day.

For instance, if it is German Shepherd, who are extremely high on energy and stay active throughout the day; it needs good amount of food throughout the day to stay energized. The British Bulldog is one breed which is too cute but believes in living a sedentary lifestyle. It eats less and hence it becomes much more importance to provide them highly nutritious food.

And yes, dogs too get bored from eating the same kind of food again and again just like humans. The best way to beat their boredom is treating them with healthy natural treat for dogs like all natural Kangaroo dog treat. They will really love it and savor every bite of it. The catch here is to find high-quality and nutritious dog food which your dog would love to eat.

Here are a few essential points which should be considered while buying dog food.

Nutritional Value

There should be an Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) label on the packet of food stating that the contents inside the packet provide complete and balanced nutrition to dogs. It could be written in this way as well “is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.”

Whatever you choose, be it chicken, lamb or beef; make sure that your pooch is able to eat and digest the food easily.

Consider By Products And Grains

By products of chicken, lamb or any other main food are often looked down by dog owners. By products can be really nutritious as they contain ground up parts of the animals including carcass, bones and organs. Grains and corn meals can also be used as nutritious dog food. All this, provides variety and great nutrition.

Wet Food Vs Dry Food
There is no difference between wet and dry food. Dog owners prefer wet food because it is easy to store. But if your dog is suffering from kidney or bladder stone problems, then it is advisable to provide them wet food to function in a healthier way.

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