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Posted by Robson Tolson on June 8th, 2017

According to a recently published report, the global Ammonium Sulfate Market is expected to grow with an impressive CAGR during the forecast period of 2016-2022. The global ammonium sulfate market is segmented on the basis of application, product, and geography. The report on global ammonium sulfate market forecast 2016-2022 (by application, by product, and by geography) provides a detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.
Ammonium sulfate is an inorganic salt naturally found in volcanic opening and it is produces as a by-product by the action of ammonia with sulfuric acid in coke-ovens. It is majorly used commercially, and the most common use of ammonium sulfate is in agricultural application as a fertilizer for alkaline soil. Besides from agricultural application, ammonium sulfate is highly used in confectioneries and bakery products as a bread conditioner and an acid regulator in food items, such as flours. In the U.S. and other European countries, the growing usage of ammonium sulfate in several food items will give the benefit for the overall market growth.

Ammonium sulfate can also cause potential ill-effect by which it can cause severe lung damage and leukemia by its volatile organic compounds that are potential carcinogens. But, with growing awareness of customers about these possible ill-effects the growth of the market has hit a negative slope from the past few years. The strict government regulations in the developed nations such as United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and the United States is expected to limit the growth of the market, considerably. The global demand for nitrogen-based fertilizers is growing rapidly, which is acting as a key driver of the ammonium sulfate market. Because ammonium sulfate contains nitrogen and sulfur, which are useful for the plants for their proper growth. This has boosted the demand for ammonium sulfate, which is majorly used in the agricultural application as a nitrogen-based fertilizer. The ammonium sulfate market is the segmented on the basis of application, products, and regions.

Full report available global ammonium sulfate market forecast2016-2022 (by application, by product, and by geography) report at

Scope of the Report

  1. Global Ammonium Sulfate Market by Application 2012-2022 ($ Million)
    1. Fertilizers
    1.2. Industrial Use
    1.3. Food Additives
    1.4. Others
  2. Global Ammonium Sulfate Market byProduct 2012-2022 ($ Million)
    1. Liquid
    2.2. Solid
  3. Global Renewable Chemical Manufacturing Market Regional Outlook 2012-2022($ Million)
    1. North America
    3.2. Europe
    3.3. Asia Pacific
    3.4. Middle East & Africa
    3.5. Latin America
  4. Company Profiles
    1. Domo Chemicals
    4.2. Honeywell
    4.3. Helm AG
    4.4. OCI Nitrogen B.V.
    4.5. Trammo, Inc.
    4.6. BASF
    4.7. China Petro. Chem. Dev. Corp.
    4.8. DSM Chemicals
    4.9. Rentech
    4.10. Sasol
    4.11. Sherritt International
    4.12. Sinopec Baling Petrochem.
    4.13. Taiwan Fertilizer
    4.14. Unigel
    4.15. Zhejiang Hengyi Group

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Full report available global ammonium sulfate market forecast2016-2022 (by application, by product, and by geography) report at

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