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Posted by Dr. Prasad Manovikas on June 8th, 2017

Marriage is one of the auspicious occasions in individual life. It will be beautiful for couple with good understand. Wedding combines two families and gives many responsibilities. Marriage may be arranged or love, stability comes with adjustments. If understanding between the couple fails it leads to separation. Divorce may be due to financial issues, communication gap, over expectations, children, fightings, habits, nature of job and many reasons. In some cases it is good to separate because bearing pain throughout life span is really difficult it is better be alone. Whatever is the circumstance divorce gives depression, loneliness and frustration.

One may feel sorrow for the past life, they may dwell the mistake, past is past it is good to forget all the bad incidences happened in the earlier life. It is not easy to forget the memories but divorce has to give better and happy life to achieve the lost, one has to stubborn themselves and act according to the wish. The counselling centers motivate patients to lead happily life by explaining in an understanding way. They boost your confidence and improve the mental ability. It is good to meet psychiatrist for better living.

Post-divorce Counseling Divorce is a painful situation it is difficult to overcome. Post-divorce Counseling helps to live by you. They motivate for better living and boost your confidence level to lead happy life. They understand your way of thinking and try to explain in your understanding way. Psychairtist explains importance of life and gives tips to make individuals life beautiful. They always try to give better living for all the clients Divorce cases are mostly seen in aboard countries nearly 50% of the people life ends up with separation. In India Divorce cases are seen very rarely because of many reasons like, more arranged marriages where parents try to talk to resolve the issues on either sides, in love marriages one can understand in long run, depended life, environment with all couple families, inspiration from families, good support from families and few divorce cases occur only in severe cause.

It is better to separate rather than facing difficulties in staying together. Currently, every individual is possessing minimum qualification so that helps them to keep themselves busy and money for living. It gives happiness even with less money because peace of living is important to sustain properly if it is absent life will be miserable. Better half is not completely occupied word itself says half so live for your half and be a role model in the way you adopt. The happened loses cannot be altered, so plan your tomorrow without hurdles.

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