Different Uses of a Selective Soldering Machine

Posted by rohit088 on June 8th, 2017

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A soldering iron is used for supplying cold heat to the metal parts which are to be joined. A chemical-based cleaner is used for preparing hot surfaces for the molten solder which is an alloy that is made from a non-ferrous metal. Soldering irons are used for several different applications and with so many different types of soldering station now available; it is easier to find a soldering iron for a specific application.

Let us have a look at some of the most common uses of a soldering iron.

  1. Galvanized sheet metal

A non-corrosive flux, like diluted hydrochloric acid or ruby fluid, is used for soldering and fusing galvanized sheets of metal. The metal sheet is usually locked together to ensure a tough joint. Companies like Sumitron offer an extensive range of soldering station in India for such applications.

  1. PCBs

Soldering is also used for manufacturing circuit boards. When soldering two metal surfaces, ensure that there is no dust, dirt, corrosion, or oil on the surfaces as this can inhibit the soldering continuity. Also, make sure that you select the right flux to prevent oxidation during the soldering process.

  1. Plumbing

Soldering iron is also very commonly used in plumbing applications. When using a selective soldering machine for plumbing, ensure that there are no flammable materials close to you. If you are soldering a copper pipe fitting, ensure that the gap between the pieces is very small to make sure that the joint is watertight.

  1. Mosaics and Stained Glass

If mosaic sculptures or stained glass window is to be made, it is better to use a lead-free solder. A soldering iron, flux, solder, copper tape, glass grinder, pliers, glass cutters, glass pattern, glass and a solid working surface is what you will need for making stained glass.

  1. Automobile

As a soldered joint is not very strong, soldering is usually used for filling irregular places, create tighter joints or smooth the rough surfaces when repairing an automobile. Before soldering an automobile component, make sure that the dirt, grease, and paint are removed. Muriatic acid is commonly used as a flux for automobile repair.

  1. Jewelry

If you want to solder jewelry, a metal like pewter or silver wire would be required. You will also need a Borax flux, soldering pick, torch, silver solder, pickling agent, wire cutters, copper wire, tweezers, hooks or posts as required. You might also need a polished hammer, sandpaper and planished silver or anvil.

These are some of the most common uses of a soldering machine. When buying, make sure that you understand your soldering requirements and select a reputed seller or exporter to ensure that you buy a world-class soldering machine.

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